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White field

Masaya Eguchi

  • Mixed Media
  • Wood and Acrylic
  • Original, unique piece
  • Size: 50cm × 50cm × 14.5cm


Masaya's art intends to alter the traditional codes of perception. With his three-dimensional pieces, the artist aims to create a space for reflection and contemplation for the observer. Square structures with subtle folds and curvatures accentuate the three-dimensionality of his art.

Organic forms give Masaya’s art an air of movement and a dynamic energy. He patiently 'moulds' and forms the wood to emphasize its plasticity. The artist reminds us that his pieces can be hung in either direction: each position fosters a unique visual experience.

Mixed media work made with Mineral pigments, pigments, mica, metal powder, resin, linen and wood. 
Masaya’s artworks are originals, signed by the artist and will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio.
  • Only original Art: all works are authentic and certified
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Additional Information ▼

Title White field
Artist Masaya Eguchi
Medium Mixed Media
Print Quality No
Material Wood and Acrylic
Support Wood
Type Original, unique piece
Style Abstract Art
Theme Abstract
Year 2015
Format Square
Dimensions 50cm × 50cm × 14.5cm
Color White
Signed by artist No
Frame No
Ready To Ship 1 to 3 days

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