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Sebastian Roese

  • Painting
  • Acrylic
  • Original, unique piece
  • Size: 30 x 30 cm


Sebastian Roese is a German artist that combines abstract painting with urban art and graphic design. Sebastian plays with our idea of abstraction, showing hidden figures and lines in his enigmatic, expressive and poetic compositions that unveil the intense aesthetic power in street art.
The artist’s creative process, described by him as “transformation”, is filled with organic movements and effusive brushstrokes, making his artworks texturally powerful and rich. Sebastian’s paintings are not only visually interesting, they are also characterized by supernaturalism and inspired by Paul Klee's statements, he does not want to portray the visible, but rather visualize the supernatural world he feels through his soul.

Sebastian Roese: "My works are an exploration of emotional and colour worlds as well as supernaturalism.
The focus is on abstracted figures, Christian faith and change in any form. I do not want to portray the visible. Sometimes comes joy, sometimes fear or hate.
An invisible world surrounds us and influences our thoughts and actions. Light figures - like angels, but also demons - are buzzing around. My pictures reveal the struggle of this hidden dimension. Like ultraviolet radiation that makes fluorescent surfaces visible in the dark, my work shows the invisible world which I see with my soul.
The hidden beauty but also ugliness should shine through the colours. The genesis, the process is my work. The viewer only gets to see the result.
In the search for the brush stroke of one’s own soul, questions become visible."

Acrylic and Spray on Dibond plate. All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.
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Additional Information ▼

Title WEPIB12
Artist Sebastian Roese
Medium Painting
Print Quality No
Material Acrylic
Support Other
Type Original, unique piece
Style Abstract Art
Theme Abstract
Year 2019
Format Vertical
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm
Color Colorful
Signed by artist Yes, back
Frame Unframed
Ready To Ship 1 to 3 days

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