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Norberto Sayegh

  • Painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Original, unique piece
  • Size: 41cm x 33cm x 4cm


Norberto's work focuses on the fusion and dialogue between painting and poetry. The ancient Chinese masters considered that these two genres were complementary and should not be separated and, in his works, the artist retains this tradition. In his paintings the word is submerged in the canvas and the painting turns it into a tangible and eternal element.

Norberto Sayegh: "The painting and the word. To illustrate the word or to put a word to the painting? None of them.
The limitations of seeing and naming. How far can we see in the depth of a flat painting? And what we see, how can we name it?
I borrow the words of some poets who name those words that slip away and are always about to disappear. Other poets also give me light to illuminate my paintings.
The painters of the great Chinese tradition already knew it, they were poets and painters at the same time, their paintings were always accompanied by their poems, they saw it as one piece."

This work is part of the series “The words we do not have”, created with mixed media.

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Additional Information ▼

Title Nada
Artist Norberto Sayegh
Medium Painting
Print Quality No
Material Mixed Media
Support Wood
Type Original, unique piece
Style Abstract Art
Theme Text
Year 2016
Format Vertical
Dimensions 41cm x 33cm x 4cm
Color Grey
Signed by artist Yes
Frame Unframed
Ready To Ship 1 to 3 days

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