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Love Wins (blue)

Kim Anna Smith

  • Sculpture
  • Neon and Acrylic
  • Original, unique piece
  • Size: 25cm x 25cm


Kim Anna Smith:” Neon... 'painting with light' is such a magical medium, I love the way people react to it with an almost childlike excitement and how the neon itself reacts to the changing light of day and dusk; it can make a space feel so many different things from romantic and soft to having a harsh, brash effect and tell a story that isn't so easy to swallow - all depending on how you use it. The way it looks to the eye sometimes appears to change because of the way the gas moves inside the glass tubes, that is why I love neon.

Artig Gallery presents "Love Wins", a Neon original piece created by the artist with twilight blue glass tubes filled with neon gas and other gases on a white acrylic piece. The piece comes with its own ignition system designed by the artist. All works are signed and numbered by the artist and will be delivered directly by special art transport from the artist’s studio with a certificate of authenticity

  • Only original Art: all works are authentic and certified
  • Try at home: 14-day money return guarantee
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Additional Information ▼

Title Love Wins (blue)
Artist Kim Anna Smith
Medium Sculpture
Print Quality N/A
Material Neon and Acrylic
Support Canvas
Type Original, unique piece
Style Abstract vs Figurative Art
Theme Human Figure
Year 2017
Format Square
Dimensions 25cm x 25cm
Color Blue
Signed by artist Yes, back
Frame Unframed
Ready To Ship 1 to 3 days

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