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Fragments No. 14

Gwen Versluis

  • Collage
  • Mixed Media
  • Original, unique piece
  • Size: 25cm x 18.5cm (unframed)


Work from the artist's "Fragments"-Series. Collage made out of magazine paper, elevated slightly with a 0.5 cm architecture board between the collage and the backside.

Gwen Versluis: „The base of this collage is a big finger print and a goggle-eyed figure. By mixing human body and face parts of both men and women with different ethnical backgrounds it stirs emotions and opens up a discussion in a humorous and critical way about the globalization and digitalization of our world. The picture of the oversized fingerprint is taken from an article from the documentary and travel magazine GEO. The report is about the environmental impact of the harvest of a certain type of fungus in the Himalayan region, also known as the ‘Viagra of the Himalayans’, by the local inhabitants.

Shown at the exhibitions ‚Unjurierte 2013’ and ‚Lametta 2013’ in Villa Sträuli, both in the Swiss town of Winterthur.“



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Additional Information ▼

Title Fragments No. 14
Artist Gwen Versluis
Medium Collage
Print Quality N/A
Material Mixed Media
Support Other
Type Original, unique piece
Style Abstract vs Figurative Art
Theme Human Figure
Year 2013
Format Vertical
Dimensions 25cm x 18.5cm (unframed)
Color Colorful
Signed by artist Yes, back
Frame Framed
Ready To Ship 3 to 7 days

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