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Complete 6pm series 01-04

Maxime Longden

  • Work on Paper
  • Gouache
  • Original, unique piece
  • Size: 23cm x 23cm


Maxime plays with the breadth of perception in her work. With heightened sensitivity to colour, she produces spontaneous and carefree abstractions of her surroundings. Compositions are painted either from life or from memory, in which gestural strokes evoke atmosphere. Inspired by Gaugin, Peter Doig and the Bloomsbury Group, her pervading interests in pattern and how we see the world informs her practice.

Maxime Londgen: "This a a series of landscapes, painted from life and memory. They swirl around ideas of reality and illusion, vision and memory. I paint a scene over and over again; from life, in the moment, and then from memory. Each time I notice different things, the light changes, my focus changes. Nothing is ever exactly the same, it is up to the subject to decide what is worth recording, remembering, and even then objects continue to be in flux, distorted by memory and part of something else, in a new time and place."

Enjoy the whole series at a special collector's price. Purchase Maxime Longden's series "6pm" of her collection "Echoes of a Time and Place", consisting of 4 artworks, and receive a 20% discount on the final price. All works made with gouache on recycled 320gsm archival paper, each signed by the artist.
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Additional Information ▼

Title Complete 6pm series 01-04
Artist Maxime Longden
Medium Work on Paper
Material Gouache
Support Paper
Type Original, unique piece
Year 2017
Format Square
Dimensions 23cm x 23cm
Color Colorful
Signed by artist Yes
Frame Unframed
Ready To Ship 1 to 3 days

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