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Guest Curator Paula Mariscal

Posted in Guest Curators   |  By Greta Schindler
Paula Mariscal

Paula Mariscal, Entrepreneur and expert in performing arts
Valencia, Spain

Paula Mariscal, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and in Theater Direction. Her background in the field of dramatic Arts led her to work with renowned names such as thea...

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Guest Curator Ina Ciumakova

Posted in Guest Curators   |  By Greta Schindler
Ina Ciumakova

Ina Ciumakova, Curator
Šilutė, Lithuania

Russian born Ina Ciumakova grew up in Šilutė, Lithuania, where she obtained a bachelor’s in philosophy from Vilnius University, which was followed by a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at the KU Leuven Univ...

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Guest Curator Pol Capdevila

Posted in Guest Curators   |  By Greta Schindler
Pol Capdevila

Pol Capdevila, Professor of Art Theory
Barcelona, Spain

Pol Capdevila is a professor of Art Theory and Contemporary Art at the Humanities Department at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. His line of research is focused on Continental Aesthetic...

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Guest Curator Mona Liem

Posted in Guest Curators   |  By Greta Schindler

Mona Liem, Curator and Artist
Indonesia and Switzerland

Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, curator Mona Liem today lives and works in Baden, Switzerland. With an education and working experience in visual communication, design and management, her pas...

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Guest Curator Cordelia Oppliger

Posted in Guest Curators   |  By Greta Schindler
Guest Curator Cordelia

Cordelia Oppliger, Art Curator
Zurich, Switzerland

Cordelia Oppliger is a curator and communication expert who lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She has participated as a curator and contributor in a variety of national exhibitions, for example "They Prin...

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Guest Curator Florian Schaffner

Posted in Guest Curators   |  By Greta Schindler
Florian Schaffner x Artig Gallery

Florian Schaffner, Zurich Switzerland
Art Entrepreneur

Swiss born Florian Schaffner is a co-founder of upandcoming, an online platform for young Swiss art with over 100 up and coming artists in their portfolio. He has undergone studies in Beijing, Zur...

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