Inside Lluis Llongueras' Studio

If we had to choose one definition for Lluís Llongueras’ artistic character, we would emphasize on his multifaceted creativity. He is a man who, through his passion for aesthetics and style, became Spain’s most famous hairdresser, internationally represented through more than twelve successful hairdressing salons. Through his openness, perseverance and desire for excellence in everything he does, Lluís Llongueras has become not only one of the most beloved personalities in the Spanish society, a respected editor of several books and of his magazine 'Peluquerías' and a very well-known stylist, but also, a renowned artist with over 30 years experience.
Inspired, amongst others, by his friend the great surrealist Salvador Dalí Llongueras experiences with different mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture and drawing. The artist has made countless exhibitions worldwide, from Stockholm, Paris, Toronto, Berlin to New York and has won several international awards for his works, among others; Premio Valladolid de Escultura (1987), International Legend Award New York (1990), La Medalla de Oro del XXXVI Salón Internacional by the Societe de Beaux Arts (1992).

The curator and art critic Maria Lluïsa Borras, wrote after a visit to the artist atelier: " On a visit to Lluís Llongueras’ sculpture studio, one discovers a compulsive artist, who works without pause, amongst the totally finished pieces, interspersed between others in process and yet other, clearly experimental ventures, with the extraordinary enthusiasm of the sculptor, capable of overcoming even the greatest difficulties.”

Studio Lluis Llongueras

That was our exact impression when receiving the very warm welcome from Lluís Llongueras in his impressive four-story studio and private exhibition space in the middle of Barcelona. We encounter countless works and a great variety of different media, the remarkable artist has worked in all disciplines, each related to a different time period of his life. Referring to his first career as a hairdresser, he tells us that styling and beauty are disciplines that have much to do with art and despite starting his artistic phase basically with drawing, what really made him fall in love was the expressivity and gestures achieved by using brush and paint.

An impressive collection of sculptures cast of different materials – from terracotta to bronze - welcomes us on the first floor of the studio. Lluis shares with us that, for each sold work, he often creates a second one for his own enjoyment.
The artist’s imposing and award-winning series “Spheres” impresses with its variety of different but always infinite geometric shapes, full of emotions and motion.

Visit Lluis Llongueras

His studio is a merging space of different periods and media, of achievement and progress and of the professional and the personal.

We are very excited to announce to our collectors, that we will collaborate with LLuis Llongueras for the launch of our first edition of Artig Gallery Capsule Collections. The artist will present a collection of signed black and white photographs from his light and shadow studies. Each photo will be available as an exclusive edition of 7 to our Artig Gallery collectors.


Lluís, what did you have for breakfast today?
Muesli, una mandarina y un huevo pasado por agua.
Do you have a hideaway in Barcelona?
It’s a corner in my studio where I read, watch movies, rest, ...
Who is your hero?
My father was my hero, I would not trade him for any other father in the world. I admire everything he did for us during the (Spanish) Civil War.
What would surprise people to know about you?
People are often surprised to find out about my artworks. Many know me just for my profession as a hairdresser.
What is your personal luxury?
I own my time!
Your favorite artistic movement?
In general it’s the evolution of art since the very beginning.
Your 3 favorite artists?
Dalí, he was genius and his works a full of ideas, Picasso and Vermeer.
When do you create your best work?
(Laughs) Creating my children has been my best work. Seriously, I think I work best when I'm inspired and in silence. I get inspiration from an object and start with the piece.
Who is your muse?
There has been a different muse in each of my artistic periods.
Describe your artistic style in 3 words:
Inspiration, courage, originality!
Any advice for our emerging artists?
Give it your all, without being discouraged and don’t copy anyone!