Gianni Moretti Studio

Inside Gianni Moretti's Studio

The exploration of the limits of nature and the interpretation of living organisms is what defines Gianni Moretti’s plastic work. The subtlety of the materials, constant danger and hidden beauty compound the long investigation of this Milan based artist. Born in Perugia, Italy, Gianni Moretti began his artistic career studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. After exploring photography in Berlin, he decided to study this area at the Italian Institute of Photography of Milan.

From there Gianni began to develop his artistic work focused on the juxtaposition of techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, among others. He received important scholarships that lead him to explore cities like New York or Seoul. Thanks to his long career in the Italian art scene, he has been awarded the National Art Prize of Italy (2003) and the National Olympic Academy Award in Rome (2006).

We had the pleasure to visit his studio in Milan, where we discovered the work of this renowned artist. In his studio and exhibition space we were able to enjoy the diversity of materials of Gianni’s works: tissue paper, pigments, plastic, acrylic pieces, velvet, PVC, and many others. The presence of these materials defines the tone of his works. Their fragility and delicacy marvel the viewer, who admires but also fears for the integrity of the pieces.

At Gianni’s studio, we were able to fully understand his plastic process based on theoretical research. The profound research of a text, a specific subject or an idea is the method used by the artist to create a concept. Once this research is done, he begins to draw and plan the pieces.

During our visit, we appreciated the subject of his works, in which we could perceive his interest in the idea of fauna and animal life. The exhibited pieces in his studio seek to create a juxtaposition between the fragility of living organisms and the constant risk of collapse. Regarding this topic, Gianni comments: "Animals have always fascinated me, especially those that do not emit loud sounds, like deer and snakes. They are often bodies that escape and retreat." For the artist, the subjects of his works are fragments of a whole, of which one can identify three areas: balance, perfection and attention.

In his studio, Gianni reflected on his artistic point of view: "My art form contains the specificity of pursuing the unravelling of the error and the unconscious desire to work on the same false or sedimentation on the forms. A false identical contemplating different works, even if only linguistically, a hypothesis of relational art that multiplies analysis more intimate or more in the social sector. Research ready to denounce, but in a state of apparent silence, which is revealed by the laterality of the fragment, paper, delay, obsession, mutation.”

Gianni At work

For Moretti, the role of the artist is to work and carry out a search forgotten by society. A research regarding the artist and his or her surrounding reality, without becoming propaganda. For Gianni to be an artist, is essentially a form of resistance, which in his own words is "thin, vibrant, tenacious and, above all, indispensable.”

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When and how did you decide to become an artist?
I don’t know really… Certainly not when I was at academy of fine arts (when they asked me “what do you want to do” I always said that I would never become an artist). Probably it was the day in the studio when I looked around and I recognized myself in everything I had around.

Which was the first artwork you created?
I believe it was in 2001, in Academy of Fine Arts, exam of Decoration: six canvases made of red velvet with ‘nero fumo’ deposits. It was the first time I recognized something in the work that went beyond my intentions: it was the first time that my work has surprised me.

How would you describe your time as an artist in Berlin?
Beautiful, rich, overstimulated.

Which projects are you working on right now and where is your artistic evolution focusing on currently?
Right now, I'm working on a public monument in S. Anna di Stazzema, dedicated to the massacre carried out by the Nazis in 1944. The intention of the project is to remember an event that happened, through the building what that fact destroyed, on a symbolic level. I'm working on a form able to "celebrate life with life", (…). An expanding form which will be the result of a collaboration between me and all those who it will be in touch with.

Gianni, what did you have for breakfast today?
A coffee (unavoidable), yogurt, banana, cereals.

Do you have a hideaway in Milano?
Yes, sure: it’s my studio. It’s quiet, far from any other place. I go everyday, even just to read a book.

Who is your hero?
Donald Trump. Hahaha, I’m joking ☺ Hard to chose but I can say anyone who is able to face, accept and love himself.

What would surprise people to know about you?
I’m not gonna tell you…

What is your personal luxury?
Having the opportunity to meet people and hear their stories.

Your favorite artistic movement?
Not properly a movement: Bauhaus

Your 3 favorite artists?
Kiki Smith, Felix Gonzales Torres, William Kentridge

When do you create your best work?
Whenever I feel deeply connected with myself

Do you have a muse that inspires you?
Not really

Describe your artistic style in 3 words:
Discreet, Careful, Surgical

Any advice for emerging artists?
Before any gallery, curator, collector, art system… First of all: your research. It’s the only way you have to give a sense on what you do.