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With relatively few year of artistic trajectory, Salvador Santos is a painter who has strongly positioned himself in the art and interior design market. His balanced compositions and impeccable use of colors make his work an ode to geometry easily recognizable and admirable for its technique and style. His paintings are made with high quality acrylic on canvas through a meticulous and fine craftmanship in which the artist represents the geometry of art and the study of color-form in its maximum splendor.

The square and the rectangle are the basic geometric figures with which Salvador Santos develops his work. The superposition in different planes and the juxtaposition of colors allows the painter to study the behavior of color in form and in the composition. Salvador's work seeks for perfection and absolute visual balance through a textureless, almost digital brushstroke.

Salvador Santo’s studio, located on the outskirts of Madrid, is a key fcator in the creation of his paintings, the precision in his geometric compositions makes essential the use of natural light not only when painting, but also in the cration of his colors. Salvador's studio is on the top floor of his house, with skylights on the ceiling that let in the purest day light. Divided into two adjoining rooms in which the painter develops his two bodies of work, the digital and the pictorial, Salvador’s studio is as refined and eye catching as his oeuvre.


The artist’s creative process is also divided in two, first, the design of the work through a computerized program in which Salvador creates his compositions, adding and juxtaposing squares of colors, lines and shapes. The second step is the transfer of these designs to the canvas, respecting their design and the specific color palette, however, the artist does not rule out last-minute changes and meditations in front of the canvas once the work is almost finished.

Salvador Santos' paintings are rich in colors, shapes and lines. His brushstrokes, of very little texture and his precise lines make evident the artist's interest in studying the most geometric and pictorial side of art. Salvador's artistic proposal is the study of art's own expressive ways. Art for the sake of art and painting; painting as a media, not of expression of the artist, but as an expression of itself.

Watch the video to discover the artist’s studio in Madrid together with our curator.

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