Custom Made Jimmy

My custom-made collage, or how disappointments can turn into dreams come true.

Every year they are marked on the calendar: the birthdays of our loved ones. And what is meant to be an annual pleasure or a beautiful day that you want to make a little different for your loved ones, can sometimes become a stressful experience. So I found myself wondering, what can I give my partner this year, for his very special 60th birthday?

If I'm honest, we don’t need anything. And, unfortunately, we are reaching that age where it’s normal to just wish us health for the years to come. Well, health is certainly the best wish, however we can not wrap and decorate it to make it look beautiful on a birthday table.

Although there is nothing that is "absolutely necessary", I would like to give my loved one something beautiful, something personal without being cheesy, something that celebrates life!

Since my husband has been watching the art market for a long time, I thought a work of art would be the ideal gift. Not that our walls were empty, but it would be good to hang something new, which reminds us of this special day. Without a doubt the work needed to be something unique, something very special.

I started to search the web and I found myself in the dangerous web portal “Westwing”, in which by "pure coincidence" I arrive quite often. It is dangerous because you find daily new auctions full of household items with great discounts. Bargains can be found in the categories of garden, lifestyle etc. and all those items that can be categorized into "not really necessary, but I take it anyway." Online bargains in the finest style!

While looking at the website I found a collage with the image of the late singer “Prince", created by an artist named Jimmy Millán. My husband loves to listen to "Prince" so I had to get that collage. Prince knew how to celebrate life. A perfect gift!

Work Progress

I cliked on the site of Artig Gallery, which represents the artist, wandered around and admired the different works. Finally I found the Prince Collage, which I ended up buying.
Ready, gift bought, perfect day!
Or so I thought ...

A week later an e-mail comes to my mailbox.
A lady named Greta Schindler tells me that it is inexplicable to her how I could order the collage on her site, because it was arranged in another auction (right, Westwing, I had seen it ...) And the work was already sold (Oh no! My great idea of buying the work directly in the gallery failed!)
My mood rushes with immediate effect on the zero point.
Without detours.

What a pity! It was so perfect and destined for the 60th birthday of my husband. That gift that celebrates life! I was completely disappointed with the electronic means. It was soooooooo ideal for him, and once again I had nothing and no other idea. But the magnificent Greta had an idea.
Maybe the artist Jimmy Millán could create an exclusive collage for me. I could customize the work with everything important to me. Really?
The ultimate personalized collage?
Could that be done?

So for the 60th birthday of my husband, not only he could have an artwork featuring Prince, but also add motives like “El Camino de Santiago”, which he migrated last year, his beloved dogs and even a couple of storks that accompanied him during his trip to Spain.

Yes, everything was possible.
I was deeply impressed by the incredible proposal.

Prince Collage

A new perspective and an ingenious idea for art gifts for all kinds of occasions.
Until now I had never experienced anything so unique. But there are no coincidences, everything falls in front of you when you most need it, which is really important.
In my case, Jimmy Millán fell in front of my feet and the Westwing auction followed by Greta Schindler, who represented him and who had the wonderful idea of promoting young artists through Artig Gallery. You can see on their website that the gallery was founded in June of 2016, so they were celebrating their first anniversary ... and so, I got a perfect gift ....!

“Custom made Art” has long been the idea of Greta Schindler and her team, as she wrote me in another mail. And while she helped me find my perfect gift, this new service was actually launched, which made me very happy.
Now I can only say: Thank you, dear destiny. Thanks to Greta Schindler and her team, thanks to the creative artist Jimmy Millán, who combined all the details to create a complete piece of art.

Oh yes:
And when he saw the gift? How was his reaction?.
This was the real gift because, in addition to the image of Prince, all the personal subtleties I had wished for were incorporated as personal reminders for my husband.

Specially “El Camino de Santiago”, which deeply moved my husband because of the people and their own "mood" during the way, which he walked many hours and kilometers, but always in the encounters with animals, especially with storks who so often accompanied him. In addition to this, Jimmy Millán incorporated beautiful details like a flying stork, right next to the symbolically depicted clams.

Final Result

Tears flowed, he was deeply touched by these gestures.

This gift was more than an artwork because of all the memories that this special collage represents. It represents something very unique and personal, an experience that brings to the surface the chapters of our own life that have enriched our soul. And just for this special days are created, right?.
The perfect gift to make a day round!

Thank you for such a sympathetic response to my deep disappointment.
Thank you for a brilliant idea and a perfect artistic realization.

Artig, a unique gallery.
Sincerely, Kathrin Reitz

We want to thank Kathrin Reitz for her beautiful words and kind review. The post was published in the summer of 2017 in the author's Blog Kathrin Reitz Schreibt.