How to take care of your paintings

To keep your artwork in a perfect condition over the years means taking care of your investment. Often, once acquired a painting, we add it to our collection and do not take into consideration all the factors which may alter its original state. Therefore, the curating team at Artig Gallery, suggests some simple tips to ensure that your favorite painting remains in its great condition over time.

1. Constant temperature
One way to protect the pigments used in a painting, whether its acrylic or oil, is to avoid an exposure to strong climate changes, like for example going from over heating in the winter to air conditioning in the summer. As these drastic temperature changes can affect the chemicals in the material used, and as a result, damage the original state of the painting, it is best to hang or store your paintings in spaces with balanced year round temperature.

2. Proper lighting
Direct sunlight or excessively strong light bulbs are capable of irreversibly affect a painting, especially an oil painting. We suggest storing or hanging your painting in a space protected from UV radiation and illuminate the painting either with a special art lighting system or distance the work at least 2 meters from your source of artificial light.

3. Carefully remove dust
It is recommendable to occasionally rid your artwork of dust and other agents with a delicate and very soft bristle brush. Please avoid the use of cleaning products, dusters or water, as they can damage irreparably the material and support of your painting.

4. Check the back of your painting frequently
Paintings, their supports and frames mostly consist of plant materials such as wood or fabric or ivory; so they retain heat, moisture and are in constant interaction with the environment around them. Because of this, microorganisms may inhabit, termites and other insects that destroy such materials. Therefore please monitor the back of your paintings in order to avoid any infestation and humid spots.

5. Avoid plastic and damp spaces for storage
If you want to temporarily store your painting, please avoid covering the surface directly with plastic. We recommend wrapping the painting first in a layer of acid-free paper in order to protect the pigments and materials. You may wrap it in plastic afterwards and store the wrapped painting, with special protection for the edges, in a cardboard box. Try to store the painting only in areas with balanced temperatures and avoid humid or damp areas.

We hope these tips help you to maintain your painting in a perfect state so you can enjoy it over the years. If you have any questions about conserving your artworks, you can always write us an email to