Andy Warhol Exhibition Mechanical Art

Warhol and the eternal fashion of Pop Art

Andy Warhol is for many people the father of Pop Art and one of its most influential artists. His style is characterised by the decontextualisation and the mechanical reproduction of common objects and images. In a way, Warhol merged the world of art with the massive production of consumer products.

At the beginning of his career the artist created advertisements and elaborated magazine covers and ads such as Untitled (Beauty Products) 1960 or Holly and Fruit Star, 1962.

Untitled. Beauty Products,1960. Gouache and graphite on paper. Tate Acquired on 1988. T05495.

Soon he started his well-known series of Marilyn, Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Tomato Soup. A theory about these series sustains that Warhol's works democratised art, just as the mass market democratised the access to basic consumer products, such as a bottle of Coca-Cola, a can of soup or a box of detergent.

Andy Warhol Exhibition Mechanical Art Barcelona
Clockwise: Marilyn (Reversal), 1979 Collection particular, Madrid. AD-0002-P
Campbell's Soup I, 1968 Colection FRAC Bourgigne. 9850062
Gold Marilyn, 1962. Serigraphy and gold painting on canvas. Froehlich Collection, Stutgart
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Box, 1964. The Any Warhol Museum, Pittsburg. 1998

Soon Warhol became a famous celebrity and also befriended the trendiest musicians and businessmen of his time in the US. He also produced vinyl covers such as the well-known banana peel cover of the rock band Velvet Underground and Nico. His studio in New York was called "The Factory”, where, apart from working on his art, he threw eccentric and legendary parties with celebrities.

The artist turned common objects into works of art and, with "The Factory", turned art into a mass-produced commercial good. Warhol redefined the conception of art and challenged the established rules, something that is still difficult to understand today. In fact, Warhol´s artistic intentions are still the subject of long academic debates. But one thing is undisputable, his style is still a source of inspiration to a large number of contemporary artists.

Andy Warhol Exhibition Mechanical Art Barcelona November 2017
The Velvet Underground & Nico, 1967. Collection Paul Maréchal. Montreal

For those who want to continue exploring the universe of Andy Warhol, you can still visit the exhibition "Warhol, Mechanical Art" at the CaixaForum in Barcelona, Spain, until December 31st 2017. Highly recommendable!

Title Photo:

Three Coke Bottles, 1962. Serigraphic ink and graphite pencil on linen. Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg, 1998. 1.20