Introducing Anna Gabriella Herrera

Anna Gabriella Herrera has been part of the Artig Gallery team for some time now and, not only is she a talented graphic designer and content creator, but she is also an artist at heart. We are happy to offer you a glimpse into her different passions.

¨Everybody wants to find the cure against madness, the problem is that there’s no such thing. We can only transform this madness into realities that last or won’t die.¨
Creative, passionate and fun, these are just a few words to describe Anna Gabriella Herrera and her work. Her artistic proposal is closely linked to the constant creation and exploration of different techniques as well as artistic disciplines. For Anna, art is a constant search for inspiration and creativity, which makes her artistic production diverse and composed of different techniques and forms of expression.

Anna creates art, from illustration to photography, from live painting to performance pieces, but also excels in brand work, design and even fashion. Thus, she works with a wide range of technical possibilities and a broad array of media: oil on canvas, mixed media, digital illustration, photography, collage, and even lithography.

A passionate lover of Dali's and Picasso's works, Anna is an artist who finds inspiration in art history, artistic movements such as Cubism, Expressionism and even Symbolism. Her colorful and personal work hides not only an aesthetic investigation but also a political and social critique of the role of women in society and modern standards of beauty.

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