Food and Art by Lomo Bajo

What happens when gastronomy and art come together? Food and Art happens! At Artig Gallery we are always pleased to explore the endless possibilities that art has to offer. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of participating at the second edition of Food & Art by Lomo Bajo together with our artist Judit Canal. The exhibition is held at the Lomo Alto & Lomo Bajo Restaurant in the Eixample district of Barcelona.

Judit has entitled the exhibition "Causa" (Cause), referring to the act of eating as a reason (or a cause) of the union between friends or family members. The artist also wanted to show how sitting around the table involves "sharing time and sharing food." Judit also wanted to emphasize the importance of consuming products of proximity, sustainable production of goods and in the recovery of craftsmanship. Some values ​​of great importance to the artist that coincide with the motivations of the restaurant and the philosophy of Food & Art.

On this occasion, the illustrator from Barcelona presented a new series of unique works using everyday elements as a support with motives linked to gastronomy and the act of cooking with acrylic paint. Instead of paper or canvas, Judit decided to use another type of support, such as ceramics and cotton in order to transform everyday objects into surprising works of art. This original initiative extends our preconceived ideas about art and shows how creativity has no limits.

Judit's interest in everyday objects and Mediterranean themes takes her to infinite creative paths. In fact, it is not surprising that the artist decided to produce something new and different since Judit never ceases to amaze us with new creations and ideas.

The opening night was full of art fans and foodies who could not wait to see Judit's latest creations and enjoy a special bite made by the restaurant’s Chef Carles Tejedor. Carles prepared a special sandwich in honor of Judit and her work and he named it “Judit’s Cuban”. The sandwich will be on the restaurant’s menu until the end of the exhibition. The viewers could also listen to the artist explaining her work in a friendly environment.

The Lomo Alto & Lomo Bajo restaurant’s director Xabier Otondo, made a speech explaining the restaurant’s philosophy and the purpose of the Food & Art exhibition.

Sitting down to eat is one of the most daily acts that exists and is repeated every day worldwide. Judit's work makes us reflect on this important ritual, that we often overlook, and that is so relevant in our lives. A bottle of beer, some ‘tapas’, a salad ... These are common objects that surround us every day. However, Judit makes them protagonists and invites us to reflect on the importance they have and how much they really mean to us.

The exhibition will last until February 15th 2018

If you find yourself in Barcelona these days, do not hesitate to visit Judit’s original works of art and a unique meal at the LomoAlto & LomoBajo Restaurant.

 All works can be discovered and acquired directly through Artig Gallery for a limited time, just visit www.artiggallery.com/lomobajo for more information or contact us at info@artiggallery.com. All works will be delivered after the end of the exhibition.

Exhibition info:
Open daily from 13 until 16h and from 20 until 00h
LomoAlto & LomoBajo (Eixample)
Calle Aragó 283-285
08009 Barcelona