Kim Anna Smith

Kim Anna Smith

MEDIUM: Sculpture
CITY: London, UK

Kim Anna Smith is an artist based in London, UK. Her work has been exhibited in distinguished spaces such as the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, the Soho House Group, the Golborne Gallery, and many others. She was recently selected to exhibit a giant poster reproduction of her acclaimed neon piece “Dreamers” throughout the London Underground during Frieze Week.
The central theme of her work is the strength and vulnerability of the collective human experience. The duality and opposition of forces dedicated to create contrast is an essential aspect in her work, especially in her sculptural pieces. Neon is Kim’s chosen medium, through which she expresses her artistic point of view. Kim’s sculptures juxtapose simple and intimate handwritten texts with the utilitarian and commercial function that defines neon. The artist’s own life is the center of her art; the colorful neon pieces expose her feelings, moving us by the simplicity and depth of her messages.
Smith is also an advocate for David Lynch Foundation and recently spearheaded an auction on Artsy to raise funds for UK school children to learn Transcendental Mediation.
Artig Gallery presents a unique series of neon sculptures created by Kim. All works are signed by the artist and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping directly from the artists.

“I am obsessed with reading and learning and exploring. I fill my studio with books, notes and reference images, I need to curate the space around me in which I live. My phone is always full of stream-of-consciousness type paragraphs, it’s how I stay sane and make sense of things. I come to my work in a round about way in that I almost always start with words and titles; once I write down a title I have the whole image in my mind, I never forget it. I find the tug of war we all have within ourselves fascinating and an endless source of inspiration. For a long time I struggled with what I felt my work “should” represent, "I should be an activist!" I told myself, and yes, whilst some of my work is undoubtedly a statement to what is happening in the wider world I generally come back to the individual, sometimes it is me, sometimes it is something I observe about someone else. I want people to feel free and empowered, I want to create escapism. Music always plays a part, because of my background perhaps I feel like I belong to that group of people more than art in a way, but art is always how I express myself. For me it is the only way. I don't really play the art-world game, I'm not of it so to speak. A lot of the way it operates is wrong and not-inclusive so I just make stuff on my own terms, that feels right to me.
I originally started creating as an intimate response to things going on in my own life, almost like a personal reminder, a mantra – no matter what goes on fight dark with light. The more I thought about it I realised it also felt like an apt retort to everything going on in the world in a wider sense. As a result, making these pieces feels like constant discovery for me.”

Kim Smith is a predominately self taught artist, in order to hone her craft, Smith spent 18 months working in the London fine art studio of her mentor Raf Z. Her work has been shown at numerous exhibitions including those at Lights of Soho, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Soho House Group, Golborne Gallery and many others. She was recently selected to show a giant poster reproduction of her acclaimed twilight-blue neon piece – ‘Dreamers’ throughout the London Underground during Frieze week and beyond, via the Art Below exhibition.

David Lynch Foundation Auction - Artsy June (2018)
David Lynch Foundation Group Show, Golborne Gallery, London, June (2018)
The Art of Consent, part of HeforShe campaign, UN, London, March (2018)
Help Refugees Auction, Paddle8, UK, December (2017)
Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire, Private view, (2017)
Dreamers Solo Show, Golborne Gallery London, November (2016)
Art Below Group show, Old Truman Brewery, London, October (2016)
Gallery Different, Hearts Beat as One group show, London, October (2016)
‘Somewhere Else’, joint exhibition with Mark Melvin & Kim Smith, Space Station, Bermondsey Street, London, October (2016).
Transport For London, Art Below Posters London Underground During Frieze, October (2016)
Lights of Soho presents Open Group Show, September (2016)
Lawrence Alkin Gallery Summer Mix Group Show, London, July (2016)
W-London with Kim Smith & Laurie Vincent, London, May (2016)
Lawrence Alkin Gallery Winter Mix Group Show, London, December (2015)
Neublood presents Lawrence Alkin Gallery Group Show, Shoreditch House, London, November (2015)

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