Gareth Griffiths

Gareth Griffiths

MEDIUM: Sculpture
CITY: Leeds, UK

Gareth Griffiths is an artist who lives and works in Leeds in the UK. His passion and his outstanding talent as a sculptor led him to exhibit and collaborate with important institutions such as the TATE Liverpool and the Liverpool Biennale. He joined the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2015. Gareth is passionate about the Googie movement, a futuristic architectural style born in the 40s in Southern California, which is characterized by minimalistic constructions with bright colours and large and simple geometric structures, elements which can be found in the artists sculptures. The artist moulds and polishes the steel to give it a light and mouldable impression. His use of organic forms such as folds and curvatures reinforce their malleability and create dynamic pieces, full of movement.
We are happy to present a series of sculptures created by Gareth Griffiths, available exclusively at Artig Gallery. All works are originals, signed by the artist and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio.

“I have been interested in architecture from a young age, I first came across Googie Architecture after visiting west coast of America some time ago and sine then began to research and become obsessed with this style of architecture and the architects that designed this style of buildings.
The first thing that caught my attention was the bright colours the interesting shapes and the way they captured my attention each building was interesting and unique.
My sculptures are not designed in a way that they look like a specific building, as an artist I take influences from these building and apply them to my work. I try to use the same principles that the architects used when designing these building, like the use of geometric shapes, bold colours, sweeping curves, and make the sculpture look as if it is defying gravity, my work is made with the intention of catching people’s attention and drawing people closer.”

MA Design – Leeds Metropolitan University (2004)
BA in Fine Art Sculpture – Bretton Hall Collage University of Leeds (1999-2002)

Solo Exhibitions:
A sculptors’ use of 3d printing – University of Leeds (2016)

Group Exhibitions:
Asian Contemporary art fair – with Fabrik Gallery – Hong Kong (2018)
Fabrik Gallery – Hong Kong (2018)
Biscuit Factory Spring Show – Newcastle (2018)
Colour & I are one – Saul Hay Gallery – Manchester (2017)
At a Glance - Kunsthuis Gallery– York (2017)
Outdoor Sculpture – Elemental sculpture Park - Cotswold’s (2017)
Cheeseburn Grange Sculpture Park – Newcastle (2017)
Affordable Art Fair spring – Degree Art London – London (2017)
Palm Springs Art Fair with Artspace Warehouse – Palm Springs (2017)
Corner of the universe – Artspace Warehouse – Los Angeles (2016)
Affordable Art Fair with Degree Art London – Singapore (2016)
Above the Clouds – Red House Originals – Harrogate (2016)
Keji Denim – London Fashion week – Soho, London (2016)
Hampstead Affordable Art Fair – Caiger Art – London (2016)
Cheeseburn Grange Sculpture Park – Newcastle (2016)
Artists of the Future –Degree art – London (2016)
Battersea Affordable Art Fair – Caiger Art – London (2016)
Spring/Summer Exhibition – The Biscuit Factory - Newcastle (2015)
Winter Exhibition - The Biscuit Factory - Newcastle (2015)
Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition - Mount Pleasant Gardens – Cheshire (2015)
Art of Construction - Sculpt Gallery - Essex (2015)
Summer Exhibition - Sculpt Gallery - Essex (2015)
Art in the Graden 2015 - Sir Harold Hillier Gardens - Hampshire (2015)
Walker Art Galleries - Harrogate (2015)
Yorkshire Artist 5 – Munro House Gallery - Leeds (2013)
A Sculpture for Corino - Turin - Italy (2012)
Something about to happen - Skolska 28 - Prague (2011)
Liverpool Biennial – Independents - Tate Liverpool (2008)
Invigilate me! - Whitehall waterfront gallery Leeds (2006)

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  • Trelic

    Gareth Griffiths
    50cm x 20cm x 20cm
  • La Geria

    Gareth Griffiths
    59cm x 52cm x 34cm
  • Tucson inn

    Gareth Griffiths
    61cm x 27cm x 88cm
  • Stellenbosch

    Gareth Griffiths
    53cm x 19cm x 18cm
  • Paloma

    Gareth Griffiths
    62cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • La Asomada

    Gareth Griffiths
    59cm x 46cm x 24cm
  • Paramount

    Gareth Griffiths
    74cm x 31cm x 24cm
  • Elm Road

    Gareth Griffiths
    28cm x 40cm x 32cm

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