Alejandra Jaimes

Alejandra Jaimes

MEDIUM: Kinetic Sculpture
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Alejandra Jaimes is a young Colombian artist based in Barcelona, focused on installation and experimentation with new materials. With studies in graphic design, arts and human science, Alejandra started her artistic production when she moved to London in 2016. Back in Barcelona, Alejandra has decided to continue with her line of work, exploring the surrounding reality, through form and pure color in her kinetic sculptures. Alejandra's artistic career is just beginning; however, her oeuvre has already attracted the attention of international publications and designers whom see in her an artist with infinite potential and future in the world of arts and design.

Artig Gallery presents “A Colourful Tandem series”, a collection of 6 mobile sculptures in enameled ceramic and galvanized steel wire created by Alejandra Jaimes exclusively for our collectors. All artworks are originals, signed by the artist and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. The sculptures are in perfect condition and will be delivered from the artist's studio in Barcelona through a specialized and insured transport.

"I find myself very comfortable when creating a connection between the spatial and the emotional. To do this, I perform a memory exercise that allows me to play with the true meaning of my memories or some emotion rooted in spaces that I intertwine to bui ...

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