Sara Janini

Sara Janini

MEDIUM: Photography
CITY: Madrid, Spain

SARA JANINI is a travel photographer native of Cadiz and established in Madrid. Since 1999, Sara travels around the world taking pictures for major publications such as Elle, Marie Claire, Traveller and National Geographic, among others.
Her work is an intimate portrait of humanity, transcending the barriers of culture and language, aiming to express the abundant diversity of our world. Sara has exhibited in important and diverse spaces such as Arco, Estampa, Casa de America, Casa de Vacas, Metro de Madrid, Museum of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Frax Foundation and numerous private galleries.
Her collection ‘Back Roads’ portrays the bleak but fascinating North American secondary roads. The series contrasts the desert nature of these highways and the footprint of the human industrialization.
Artig Gallery presents the collection in a limited edition of 7 pieces for sale, available in different sizes, inkjet printed on high quality Hahnemühle paper and signed and numbered by the artist.

“The starting point of this project stems from a quest to understand the ‘American dream’ through time. To accomplish my goal I climbed a Mustang and for 3 months drove 20,000 kilometers of secondary roads in the United States looking for their myths, motels, roadside diners, classic cars, endless horizons, cowboy hats and music.
I wanted to know what this world tastes like, what the people discuss over game of pool after a rodeo, how they celebrate their victory of being alive for another day in this omnipresent country of North America. I wanted to become a Roadrunner with a camera.
‘Back Roads’ is a vision of small town USA, now in decline. As if nothing had happened except hurricanes and time of abandonment.”

EXHIBITIONS Travels. Ventana de la Cebada (2014, Madrid)
Travels. Frax Foundation. El Albir, L’Alfàs del Pi (2014, Alicante)
Mirades i perspectives. La Xina des d'Espanya (2013,Espacio Francesc Català-Roca. Barcelona)
Una foto y una educación para la vida (2013,Principal Art Gallery. Barcelona)
Cerro de Ropa. Espacio Tracer Gallery (2013, Madrid)
Ciudad de tod@s, ¿hogar de algun@s?. Mdm. Travelling exhibition (2010)
Palestine. Archaeological and Ethnological Finestrat Museum (2010,Alicante)
These are my Rights! Amnesty International. Travelling exhibition (2010)
Palestine. Women's Week. Collado Villaba (2010,Madrid)
In Dong's Land. Royal Photographic Society (2009, Madrid)
Dong Territory. Espai Pep Escoda (2009, Tarragona)
India. ARCO International Art Fair (2009, Madrid)
Caprile Photo Gallery (2009, Madrid)
Extrems. Armaga Gallery (2008, Leon)
Photographed Poems. Casa de America (2006, Madrid)
Women in the world (2005, Pamplona Town Hall)
Street photographs. Marita Segovia Gallery (2005, Madrid)
ESTAMPA (2004, Madrid)
Himalayas. De Viaje Library (2004, Madrid)
Open Objetive. Metro Colon (2004, Valencia)
Standarte Gallery (2004, Madrid)
Toys as a pretext. Puerta de Toledo Center (2003, Madrid)
Mother lactation. La Fe Hospital (2003, Valencia)
Inauguration Joaquin Leguina Library (2002, Madrid)
The Year of the Montains (2002, Madrid)
ENTREFOTOS. Sala Locationibus Domus (2001, Madrid)
Young Reporters. Metro Canal (2000, Madrid)
Africa-Asia. Fotosíntesis (2000, Madrid)
Week of taste. Casa de Vacas of Retiro, Madrid. Museum Pr. Felipe City of Arts and Sciences (2000, Valencia)

‘Cerro de Ropa’ . Poems and Photographs by Avalos & Janini (2014)
‘Palestine’. Janini&Queralt (2011)
‘These are my Rights!’. Amnesty International (2009)
‘100 Hotels by Train’. RENFE. Notodohoteles. La Fabrica (2007)
‘Santiago’. ENCE 2004 World Biosphere Reserves. ESPASA (2004)
‘The transport in the world’. ARJO WIGGINS Annual Diary World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Planeta Agostini (2002)

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