Roger Grasas

Roger Grasas

MEDIUM: Photography
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Roger Grasas is a photographer originally from Barcelona, Spain. Since the beginning of his career he has participated as a photographer in a variety of documentaries and cooperative projects for NGOs, including UNESCO. He has also worked as a teacher in the field of photography and co-founded the photo agency ‘Phototroupe Studio’. His work has been exhibited in various galleries around the world: Spain, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, among others. Roger's work is an extensive reflection about post-modernity presented in a travel-documentary format. All his photographs revolve around the contradictions and transformations that modernity and technology created in our surrounding spaces; and the way in which the human being is able to assimilate and project these confusing changes into his or her social habitat.
Artig Gallery is pleased to present ‘Inshallah’, a series of limited edition photographs, that portray the dichotomy of cultural traditions of Islam and the increasing modernity present in the Persian Gulf.

“My project is the result of the interest in existentialist theories and theoretical assumptions of postmodernism (the society of information, technology and entertainment). With a documentary style, my work often focus on the urban landscape and the imprint that man has on him."

Degree in Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (2009)
Graduate in Aesthetic and Art Theory, "Thinking Art Today", Faculty of Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2005)
Graduated in Photography, Center of the Image and Multimedia Technology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1998)
Diploma in Optics, School of Optics, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1992)

“Ha Aretz ha Muvtahat”, Festival FotogràFine Art Igualada, Spain (February 2018)
“PhotoLondon”, Lens Culture Xposure Awards, UK (May 2018)
“At€nea” Casa Golferichs –el Xalet, Barcelona (January 2018)
“Min Turab” Casa Árabe de Madrid (January 2018)
“The Shadow Aspect Exhibition”, Praxis Gallery Minneapolis, USA. (January, February 2018)
“Min Turab”, Institut du Monde Arab de Paris, France. (September-November 2017)
"Inshallah" Documentary Photography Center of Barcelona (January 2015)
"At€nea" Transforma Gallery, Barcelona (February 2014)
“ OnQuanQui?” Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona. Collective Exhibition (February 2012)
“Mamori” Ego Gallery, Barcelona (April 2009)
“Lacrimosa” Estudio Gallery, Mexico DF (Mexico) (March 2007)
“Proyecto 10-9” The Moon, house and art, San Salvador (El Salvador) (September2006)
“Proyecto 10-9” Antena Gallery, Mexico DF ( Mexico) (August 2006)
“An optical illusion is an optical truth” , IFEMA, Madrid (March 2006)
“An optical illusion is an optical truth” , Fira de Montjuic, BCN (June 2005)
“Activarte” Collective. Showrrom B8. Barcelona (May 2004)
“Techné” Collective. Sígnic Fotografia, La Garriga, BCN (April 2002)
“Hi tenen molt a veure (In the Center of America 1998-2001)” Elizalde House, Barcelona. (April 2001)

Min Turab

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