Esther Navarro

Esther Navarro

MEDIUM: Painting / photography
CITY: Valencia

Esther Navarro is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Valencia. Her artistic practice explores the pictorial terrain through images by reusing what is left between the margins of a photograph: the unusable part of a negative, a computer error or screenshots reused in social networks. In this way, her work becomes a series of ephemeral or random events; and enables them to inhabit the tangible world. This process is characterized by achieving a coexistence between two opposing concepts: randomness and control. Through this combination, the artist creates abstract works, that seek to relate to the viewer in a sensory non-narrative way, appealing to the senses, to contemplation.

Esther’s photographic works are limited editions of only 5 prints. All artworks are numbered originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly to your doorstep.

"In my work, photography is used as a means to make a painting. Sometimes it is information generated by a virtual system, though these captures have to be understood as abstract paintings. My intention is to capture through photography what is beyond our physical world. "Faults" and "errors" are recovered as an image, giving them a plastic value, where randomness coexists with control. The machine offers us a vision and interpretation of reality. These digital or digitized ...

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