Eduardo Rubio

Eduardo Rubio

MEDIUM: Photography
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Eduardo Rubio is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain. The artist has traveled around the world photographing cultures, people and landscapes, creating profound portrays of the human experience. The pictures of the artist are a reflection of our world, a window to the most remote cultures on the planet and at the same time, a extensive reflection about human diversity and organic richness. From Tibet to Peru, the collection of limited edition photography of Eduardo captivates us with its bright colors, defined composition and excellent technical execution.
Limited Edition photography of a total of 15 pieces available in 2 exclusive sizes. Please note that other sizes of the sames works can be parts of different editions not available at Artig Gallery. Each photograph is signed by the artist, comes with a certificate of authenticity and is in perfect condition.

“My photography seeks to be a testimony of what I have seen and have experienced around the world. In my photos I try to show the reality of scenes that were real by the time I portrayed them.”

Journalism Degree at UAB of Bellaterra (Barcelona)

Barcelona Francisco Godia Foundation.
Barcelona (Sala B, 14)
Barcelona (El Corte Inglés)
Barcelona: Caja Madrid Foundation)
Zaragoza (CAI)
Valencia (Valencian Museum of Ethnology)
Valladolid (Town Hall)
Burgos (Town Hall. Arco de Sta.María Showroom)
Cádiz (Palace of the Delegation)
Bilbao (Eukal Museum)
Lugo (Provincial Museum)
Segovia (House of Los Picos)
Torrevieja (Vista Alegre Showrrom)
Ourense (Municipal Museum)
Monterrey (Forum of the Cultures)
Buenos Aires (Darwin San Isidro 2015)

“Us“ Lunwerg
“Kids“ Lunwerg
“Guatemala“ Lunwerg
“In the name of God“ Lunwerg
“Chagas“ MSF
“Holy Places, Sacred Sites“ Times & Hudson
“Au nom D’un Dieu“ Editions du Rouergue

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