Tuike Souza

Tuike Souza

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Tuike Souza, is the artistic name used by Arthur Souza, a Brazilian-Italian painter that found in Barcelona the ideal place to develop his artistic production. Influenced by Street art, architecture, minimalism and pop art, his pieces are a mix of styles and ideas as rich as his cultural background. Color, shape and line are the base of Tuike’s art; his pieces, fruit of a delicate synthesis of color and shape, represent sensual muses and pure lines in a two-dimensional plane.
The study of color, one of Tuike’s most representative artistic proposals, makes each tone applied in his paintings unique; to achieve exactly the color he needs, he mixes in an artisanal way different colors of acrylics. From grey to orange, green and hot pink, Tuike’s artworks are fully charged with a vibrant joy of life represented by color and line.
All paintings are originals, signed by the artist and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio.

“Through different techniques, the bases of my art have always been color and line. During my life I have been classifying and collecting colors that emotionally relate to something from my past; these colors and elements are then added to the concepts of my artworks.
In my work, the silhouette of the human figure is not only a basic element, it gains relevance by being studied and classified as the main subject of the painting. Influenced by street art and pop art, my production acquired different characteristics and techniques over time; from the sprayed line on the wall, to the brush stroke on the canvas; from the classification and conceptualization of objects, to the interpretation of the relation between art and the urban space.”

Postgraduate Degree in History, Art, Architecture and City. Fundació Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain (2008-2009)
Master of Architectural Restauration. Universidade Pontificia Catolica do Paraná en Curitiba, Brasil (2003-2004)
Architecture Degree. Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Italia (2002)
Architecture Degree. Faculdade Dom Pedro II em São José do Rio Preto, Brasil (1996-2002)

Solo Exhibitions:
Martillo, Barcelona, Spain (2016)
Centro Cultural Iguatemi, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (2014)
ECAD, Zaragoza, Spain (2012)
Cartel011, São Paulo, Spain (2012)
Galeria ARTGN, Tarragona, Spain (2009)

Selected Group Exhibitions (Selection):
Galeria Antonio Pinyol, Reus, Spain (2017)
9º Ruta de l’art, Castelló d’Empúries, Spain (2016)
Casa de Criar, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (2014)
Centro Cultural Iguatemi, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (2013)
Sesc, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (2012)
Casa da Xiclete, São Paulo, Brazil (2011)
Museu d’art moderna de Tarragona, Barcelona, Spain(2010)
Galeria ARTLOFT, Barcelona, Spain (2009)
XVII Premio Telax 2009 - Galeria Antoni Pinyol, Spain (2009)
Feria Puro Arte Vigo, Vigo, Spain (2009)
LXVII Concurso de Pintura “Premi Centelles”, Barcelona, Spain(2009)
6º Premio de pintura Ceferino Olivé. “Fundació Privada Reddis”, Barcelona, Spain (2009)
7º Premio de pintura Menarini. Museu de Badalona, Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Galeria ARTLOFT, Barcelona, Spain (2008)

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