Tobias Kaiser

Tobias Kaiser

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Berlin, Germany

The artist TOBIAS KAISER comes from a German family of artists and lives and works in Berlin. At a very young age he found access to art and with only 18 years, he already had solo exhibitions in various art galleries.
His works are strongly influenced by the American Realism, however, the randomly appearing motives and expressions of light and atmosphere remind of the Masters of Impressionism.
The artist’s acrylic paintings illustrate private instants and his personal approach to reality and he seeks to question our own perception of reality while we admire the reassuring silence of his artworks. The urban landscapes portrayed by Tobias are a figurative and almost poetic view of the common features we see everyday.
Artig Gallery presents a series of exclusive paintings, partly from his Berlin Phase. The canvas mounted medium and large works are signed by the artist.

About the love of Art:
"I approached painting when I was 15 years old as part of our family’s trait. My cousin was a Master student under Karlheinz Ziegler (School of Neue Prächtigkeit), and my uncle Bernhard Krug has been a successful artist and painting landscapes in the style of romanticism and impressionism. It was who discovered my talent and encouraged me. I actually created my first acrylic painting in his studio: an old alcohol bottle with porcelain closure, a still life I painted in one afternoon. Since then, I have occupied myself intensively with figurative painting. Another very strong impulse for me was an exhibition of Edward Hopper that I visited in the mid-eighties. This kind of painting with its particular perspective of the observer has put me under its spell ever since."

About the creative process:
"I choose my motives spontaneously and even somehow thoughtlessly. Sometimes it is a particular texture, lighting mood or atmosphere that captivates me. I then transform my everyday perspective into my studio and onto the canvas.
I feel like I have conserved the same artistic style of the years but my techniques and the implementation have changed over the last 10 years. I work more freely and try to experiment with haptic effects."

About the effect and future of his works:
"I find it important that the viewer builds/finds an emotional, spontaneous relationship with my works. Very often I have found at an exhibition that each work finds its own audience, resulting in a strong link between the work and the observer.
In the next two years I plan to paint four large cycles , among others ‘Berlin in the '90s - the aesthetics of upheaval’ , which I would like to realize together with other international artists."

Study of technical principles by Bernhard Krug and self-taught learning.

Last year I initiated an exhibition called ‘#kunst #genuss’ . The exhibition took place in Berlin-Mitte ( government district) and raised funds for the pedriatic ward of the Heart Institute Berlin. The opening vernissage was moderated by ZDF (German public TV channel) presenter Anja Heide.

Solo exhibitions in Dortmund and Cologne

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