Serafín Llopir

Serafín Llopir

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Serafín Llopir is the pseudonym of an abstract painter who lives and works in Barcelona. His work is strongly influenced by the North American Abstract Expressionists and Avant-garde movement.
With firm and sturdy brush strokes, the artist seeks to provoke the observer to establish a contemplative dialogue with the work. Serafín aims to create spaces that generate a powerful impact on the viewers’ feelings. Despite showing abstract forms, his vivid colored paintings are the result of a formal compositional balance and the artist’s emotional state when confronting the canvas.
Artig Gallery presents an original collection of Serafín’s acrylic paintings on canvas and paper.

“I feel inspired by the work of the abstract expressionists of the postwar period, especially the approach of José Guerrero and the literary and plastic arts of Robert Motherwell. I have great respect for the work of Peggy Guggenheim and her quest to publicize important artists of the New York School, like Mark Rothko, and the Spanish avant-garde group El Paso, its manifesto and its members, like the artists Antonio Sauro.
As for my personal work, I am mainly interested in the relationship between the canvas and me during the creative process and later between the observer and the finished piece. The expansive size of my paintings are a natural development towards my intention to captivate and absorb the spectator, make him or her think and establish a certain dialogue with my work.
Today we live in such a fast-paced and constantly changing world, that I appreciate those moments when the observer pauses to reflect over the sight of my work.
I am a very cautious person, which is why I participate in few public exhibitions. Because I sometimes find it difficult to stand in the limelight, until now, almost all my artworks have been mediated privately.”

“I have been working in a very formal trade, but art had always fascinated me. In the year 2000, I visited an exhibition on Mark Rothko, which inspired me so thoroughly, that I wanted to develop my own artistic skills. For years, I have been taking art classes in Spain and I quickly found my personal artistic form. Since then, I am working on evolving my abstract technique and my large-format styles.”

Gallery Victor Lope, Barcelona 2015
Colectiva Academia Tárrega, Barcelona 2012

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