Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo Gonzalez

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY/REGION: Cantabria, Spain

Ricardo Gonzalez, Doctor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, is a Spanish artist who works and lives between Cantabria, Berlin and New York.
The plastic work of Ricardo, framed within the neo-baroque line postulated by Omar Calabrese, is a gathering of memories and inspirations of various kinds which, emerging from his mind, are captured on a pictorial support by creating impossible spaces.
The creation of patterns, the spatial decomposition of architecture and pieces that remind us the abstract expressionism, makes of Rafael’s artwork a particular point of view never before seen.
Behind his work, it is possible to see a deep, studied and developed conceptual base, which Ricardo developed from the traditional practice of painting. Using a technique in which combines acrylic, oil and enamel, his ultimate goal is to establish a dichotomous dialogue that slides between the abstract and the figurative; between baroque and the rational representation of spaces.
Ricardo presents ‘Souvenir de no-lugar’ collection on which he tells us about the process of creating this series of paintings:
“For the realization of “Souvenir de no-lugar” series, I was inspired by the concept of "non-place" created by the anthropologist Marc Augé in his book: Non places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity (1993), where he refers to these passing places such as highways, hotel rooms, supermarkets ... spaces that ultimately arise with modernity to provide a service to the habitant of the contemporary world. To compose a conceptual framework that serves me to work in my studio, I photographed such places during my travels. After reviewing all this resulting imaginary, I begin to represent it, deconstructing it by including prints and patterns and dispersions, creating a visual game that contrasts illusionism and dimensionality”.
Artig Gallery is pleased to present a series of paintings from the collection "Souvenir de no-lugar" created by Ricardo Gonzalez on canvas or canvas on wood with a mixed technique of acrylic, oil and enamel. All artworks are signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

“Overall my artistic practice focuses on the investigation of plastic processes that can offer me an intermediate view between dichotomies such as: representation and abstraction, object and subject or content and continent. This leads me to the creation of different series, organized from a conceptual structure that diagrams its presentation, adopting different stylistic strategies each time, to transform all previous assumptions that serve as a source of inspiration (reading, travel, work art, cinema, etc.) in plastic expressions of two or three dimensions. That is why I choose to work from a multidisciplinary perspective and to some extent eclectic as the fact not rule out any technique or way of creating gives me various choices to approach a topic.
This approach helps me discover new codes to create different paths to progress on my creation. One and other series are not watertight, but complement and articulate as different sides of the same polyhedron whose common link, or point optimization is painting understood as a concept.”

PHD of Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. (2016)
Aesthetics and phenomenology of art. Centro Buñuel. Calanda, Teruel, Spain. (2016)
SIANOJA. International Simposium of artist in Noja. Cantabria, Spain. (2009)
Advance studies diploma. UCM, Doctoral program: Plastic, technique and concept. (2007)
Studies of Landscapes. Patronato Municipal Adolfo Lozano Sidro. Priego, Córdoba, Spain. (2007)
Meeting of Painters. Fundación Santa María de Albarracín. Teruel, Spain. (2006)
First International Conference New Technologies and Materials for the Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts, UCM Madrid, Spain. (2005)
Painting Workshop “Crear desde la incertidumbre”. Obra social de la Caja Cantabria. Santander, Spain. (2003)
Bachelor of Fine artes at the Universidad de Salamanca in the speacilty of Painting. (1999)
International painting course. Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain. (1997)

Solo Exhibitions:
Factoide viral. El Brocense Showroom, Cáceres. (2015)
Background. Casyc, Santander. (2014)
Nueva taxonomía del fetiche. Central Library of Cantabria, Santander.
La paradoja en-vuelta. Gallery Siboney. Santander. (2013)
Retrovisor poliédrico. Showroom La Casona. Reinosa, Cantabria.
Estados alterados de pintura. Showroom José Hierro. Noja, Cantabria.
Psicorretratos robot. Gallery Espiral. Meruelo. Cantabria. (2010)
Souvenir de no-lugar. Showroom de La Vidriera. Camargo, Cantabria.
...y un blanco rumor (además). Art’s observatory. Ecoparque of Trasmiera. Arnuero. Cantabria. (2009)
La primera indivisión. Showroom “Torre Nueva” of Ibercaja. Zaragoza. (2007)
Mito y retorno. Permanent Exhibition of Experimental Art II. Hospedería de Fonseca. Salamanca. (2006)
El cuadro que nos ha pintado. Site Specific. Madrid (2004)
Orografía (Paisajes). Gallery Gema Lazcano. Madrid (2003)
Ricardo González. Pinturas y dibujos. Gallery Clave. Murcia (2002)
Aquí incluso. Showroom La Casona. Reinosa, Cantabria. (1999)

Group exhibitions:
Destino Quesada. Zabaleta-Miguel Hernández Museum. Quesada, Jaén. (2016)
Destino Puente de Génave. La Vicaría, Puente de Génave, Jaén.
Made in Spain. MAD Antequera, Málaga.
Map of the New Art. Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venecia, Italia. (2015)
El interior del vértigo. HdT Gallery, Fuente de Olmedo, Valladolid.
Made in Spain. CAC Museum. Málaga.
Surprise Series MARTE Contemporary Art Fair. Nocapaper Editorial. Castellón.
Surprise Series ARCO15. Nocapaper Editorial. Madrid
Surprise Series JUSTMAD6. . Nocapaper Editorial. Madrid
Artist from Cantabria on the Sianoja Collection 2001-2013. Náutica Showroom. Santander.
Fondos de La Vidriera 2007-2013. La Vidriera. Camargo, Cantabria (2014)
Gallery Sweet Gallery. Gallery Siboney, Santander. (2013)
CASA//ARTE. Stand Galería Siboney. Palace of Cibeles, Madrid.
Art Liérganes. Liérganes, Cantabria. (2012)
VIII Painting Competition Paul Ricard. Espacio GB. BBAA’s faculty. Sevilla.
Siempre nos quedará la pintura. Caja Cantabria Cultural Center CASYC. Santander.
Art competition of Diputación de Alicante. Provincial Palace .Alicante.
Cantabros at the New North Collection. Cantabria’s Central Library. Santander.
Culture, Creativiry and Increase. Cantabria’s Central Library. Santander. (2011)
Art Santander. Cota uno. Exhibit Palace. Santander. Cantabria.
Art competition Diputación de Alicante. Provincial Palace.Alicante.
Art competition 2009-2010. Alcalá de Guadaira’s Museum. Sevilla.
Art Madrid. Stand Gallery Espiral. Pabellón de Cristal. Madrid. (2010)
Art Jaén. Stand Gallery Espiral. Palacio de Congresos, Jaén.
SIANOJA 2009. Palacio Marqués de Albaicín. Noja. Cantabria.
II Prize Ibercaja Young Painters. Ibercaja Camón Aznar Museum, Zaragoza, Fundación Fran
Daurel, Barcelona and Gustavo de Maeztu’s Museum, Estella, Navarra. (2009)
Ibercaja Prize of Young Painters. Ibercaja Camón Aznar’s Museum, Zaragoza
75th Fall Showroom. Cultural center of Casa de Vacas. Madrid
Third Painting and Sculpture Competition, Casa de America’s Museum. Madrid. Fran Daurel Foundation. Barcelona.
Art Prize of the goverment of Cantabria. Casa del Águila y la Parra. Santillana del Mar. Cantabria.
Grant Holder 2007. Showroom oft he Faculty of BBAA at UCM. Madrid. (2008)
Ibercaja’s Prize for Young Painters. Ibercaja’s Showroom. Logroño. La rioja.
Emerging Artists. Gallery Ángeles Penche. Madrid.
Estructuras del signo. Showroom oft he faculty of BBAA at UCM. Madrid.
Grant Holder 2006. Showroom oft he faculty of BBAA at UCM. Madrid (2007)
Valparaíso’s award of painting. Gallery Kreisler. Madrid.
Landscapes of Granada. Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta’s Museum. Granada.
Ibercaja’s Prize for Young Painters. Ibercaja’s Showroom. Logroño.
Intersticios, como judas Ponce ochoA. Showroom oft he faculty of BBAA at UCM. Madrid.
Estructuras del signo. Showroom oft he faculty of BBAA at UCM. Madrid. (2006)
I International Fair of Contemporary Art Marb Art. Stand Gallery Clave. Palace of congress and exhibitions. Marbella.
DeArte. Stand Galería Clave. Palace of Congresos. Madrid. (2005)
Propuestas para una colección. Gallery Clave. Murcia.
DeArte. Stand Galería Clave. Palace of Congress. Madrid.
Art Prize of the goverment of Cantabria. Casa de Cultura. Torrelavega. (2004)
Tondos. Gallery Gema Lazcano. Madrid.
Delicatessen. Gallery Clave. Murcia.
Arcanos Contemporáneos. Gallery Clave. Murcia. (2003)
Tondos. Gallery Clave. Murcia
Contemporary sculptures. Gallery Clave. Murcia. (2002)
Contemporary Drawings. Gallery Clave. Murcia. (2001)
Abriendo un Siglo. Martillo Showroom. Palacio Episcopal. Murcia.
Aire nuevo. Gallery Reyes Católicos. Salamanca. (2000)
Penagos Prize of drawing. Mapfre Vida Cultural Foundation. Madrid.
Young realities. A. López Torres Museum. Tomelloso. Ciudad Real. (1999)
Artistic Heritage of Exmo. Ayto. La Casona Reinosa Showroom. (1997)
Collective exhibition. BBVA Showroom. Reinosa. Cantabria. (1992)

PRIZES (reduced selection)
Grant for the promotion and dissemination of visual arts of the Government of Cantabria, Santander. (2014)
Painting Prize on the National Arts Competition Pancho Cossio 2011, Santander. (2011)
First Prize at the XXXI Painting competition of Villaescusa’s town hall. Cantabria. (2010)
First Prize at the II National Painting Competition of the city of Frias Burgos. (2009)
Prize at the First Art contest of the Goverment of Cantabria (2009)
Honorable Mention at the International competition of Painting and Sculpture of the Foundation of Art and Artists. Barcelona. (2008)
Grant of the Painting and Restoration Faculty of BBAA at the UCM. Madrid. (2006)
First Prize on the First Painting competition of Camino de Santiago. Logroño. (2006)
Grant of the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation. Granada. (2006)
Prize at the V Biennial of Basketball of Fine Arts. Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation. Alcobendas, Madrid. (2006)
Grant of the Painting and Restoration Faculty of BBAA at the UCM. Madrid. (2005)
Art Grant of the goverment of Cantabria (2004)
First Prize of the Painting Competition Manuel Salces. Reinosa. Cantabria. (2004)
First Prize at the National Painting Contest Casimiro Sainz. Reinosa. (2003)

Museo CAC, Málaga, Collection of Caja Cantabria, Centro Cultural La vidriera de Camargo, Cantabria, Patrimonio del Excmo. Ayto. de Reinosa, Cantabria, Ámbito Cultural del Corte Inglés de Santander, Cantabria, Fundación Pedro, Ferrandiz, Alcobendas. Madrid, Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta. Granada, Museo de Escultura Figurativa Internacional Contemporánea, Asociación Amigos del Camino de Santiago de la Rioja. Logroño, Colección Obra Social y Cultural de Ibercaja. Zaragoza, Museo del Paisaje Español Contemporáneo “Antonio Povedano”. Priego de Córdoba, Colección Norte del Gobierno de Cantabria, Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas. Barcelona, Ecoparque de Trasmiera. Arnuero. Cantabria, Ayuntamiento de Noja. Cantabria, Asociación Amigos de Frías. Burgos, Colección IFEJA. Jaén.

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