Pol Pintó

Pol Pintó

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Pol Pintó is a young artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. From an early age, Pol was interested in drawing and painting. During his years in design school he discovered great artists like Max Bill, Patrick Thomas, Regina Giménez, Paul Klee and Ricardo Bofill who inspired him to start his artistic career.
Today, the artist develops his work from a rational point of view and in his plastic process he seeks to create systems, to compose networks of lines and dots and to design a clear identity for each piece. His works does not try to embody reality, on the contrary, the geometric elements of his work are abstract and universal. The plastic language he has developed is based on the line as an architectural component and the worn support as an expressive medium, on which the color palette creates tensions and vibrant effects capable of catching the viewer's attention.
Artig Gallery presents an original collection of paintings created by Pol. All works are signed by the artist and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping directly from the artists.

"My graphic work is based on reducing several pictorial elements to basic geometric forms, which are combined randomly with a restricted use of color over worn textures in order to create an infinite series of works. The result is a synthetic and graphic representation that refers us to the1950s."

Graduate at EINA UAB Art & Design degree (2011-2015)

“Laus Exhibition” Design Museum, Barcelona, Spain (2016)
Mitte Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2013)

Plom Gallery
New retro by Viction:ary
Etapes magazine
It’s nice that
Laus 2016 —Annual book/Website
Le Cool magazine
Baron magazine

‘Accésit’ Award, School of Graphic Design of Catalonia (2018)

Please send all inquiries about this artist to info@artiggallery.com

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