Mònica Castanys

Mònica Castanys

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Mònica Castanys is an artist who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. She has a degree in painting procedures at the School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona and has studied drawing and painting at the Lorenzo di Medici School in Florence and at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona. During her extensive artistic career, Mònica has exhibited in different galleries around Spain and Europe.
Her realistic work focuses on portraying everyday urban environments in which the female figure is the protagonist. Anonymity defines these female characters, whose faces are sometimes hidden or undefined.
Mònica focuses on human reflection as a method to create her oil paintings. She applies expressive brushstrokes and lets light and color play a fundamental role for her work. The artist's work invites the viewer to contemplate on the urban spaces we inhabit every day with the aim to visualize the importance of women within the contemporary social dynamics.
Artig Gallery presents a series of oil paintings created by the artist. All works are originals signed by Mònica, delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity and shipped directly from the artist.

"I am passionate about the female figure and its context. I’m inspired by everyday scenes; I observe obsessively and extract the essence to give beauty to simple moments. I have always thought that the process is important because in one way or another it is always part of the result."

Workshop Alex Kanevsky. (2015)
Art school Arte Maño. (1997-2001)
Course of Introduction to Aesthetics. Official Association of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and Letters of Catalonia. (1996)
Workshop by Sánchez Almendros and Bosch Cavedo. (1993-1996)
Drawing teacher at the School of the Gaudí Hall in Barcelona. (1994)
Drawing Practices at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona. (1992-1996)
Course at the Lorenzo di Medici School. Florencia. (1990)
Graduated in the School of applied arts and Artistic trades (Llotja), specialized in Pictorial procedures. Barcelona. (1988-1993)
School of drawing and painting by Martí Bofarull. Molins de Rei. (1986-1988)

Solo shows (selection)
Galería L’Arcada. Blanes, Gerona. (2017)
Art Gallery Espai Cavallers, Lérida. (2017)
Art Gallery Sharon Art, León. (2017)
Galeria l’Arcada. Blanes, Gerona. (2016)
Galería Anquin’s. “Blancs infinits” Reus, Tarragona. (2015)

Group shows (selection)
FOR REAL Figurative Art Fair. Amsterdam, Holland. (2017)
Art gallery El Quatre “30 Anniversary”. Barcelona, Spain. (2016)
Art gallery Espai Cavallers “Women’s”. Lérida, Spain. (2016)
Museum Balenciaga “Life is beautiful”. Bilbao, Spain. (2016)
The Gran Teatre del Liceu “ Pictures for an Opera”. Barcelona, Spain. (2016)
Gralles Experience. Tarragona, Spain. (2016)
Art gallery Kroma “Summer collective”. Menorca, Spain. (2016)
Art Gallery Anquin’s. “Small and large formats”. Tarragona, Spain. (2016)
Art gallery María Aguilar. “Summer collective”. Cádiz, Spain. (2016)
ST’ART Strasbourg international Art Fair, France. (2016)
AAF International Art Fair Brussels, Belgium. (2016)
Art fair Estockholm. Suecia. (2016)
ART BODENSEE. International Art Fair. Dornbirn, Austria. (2016)
ARTSEVILLA. I International Art fair Contemporany, España. (2016)
ART FAIR Innsbruck, Austria. (2016)
LUXARTFAIR Luxembourg art fair, Luxembourg. (2016)

PRIZES (selection)
Work selected, X Painting competition Humet-Saula. Barcelona, Spain. (2016)
Selected work, XII Biennial Young Painting Contest. Anquin's Gallery, Spain. (2008)
Selected work, XII Biennial Young Painting Contest. Anquin's Gallery, Spain. (2007)
Selected work. I National Contest. Saexma Prize, Small Format Painting. Infantas Gallery. Madrid, Spain. (2006)
Third Prize of Painting, in the Second Edition, National Contest of Painting, Espejo Foundation.
1st Prize VII Contemporary Art Exhibition. TRANSART. San Feliu de Llobregat, Spain. (1997)
Third award. III Pericas Figurative Painting Prize Art Gallery. Vic, Spain. (1996)
Selected work, 1st Annual Painting Award Club 9B. Barcelona, Spain. (1994)
First prize. Grant of Painting., Güell Foundation. Barcelona, Spain. (1992)
Painting Scholarship in the Sant Lluch Artistic Circle. Granted by the School of Arts and Trades. Llotja, Spain. (1991)

Please send all inquiries about this artist to info@artiggallery.com

  • Flying

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    63cm x 103cm
  • Butterfly

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    Unframed 30cm x 40cm, framed 33cm x 43cm
  • Bourée II

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    Unframed 50cm x 50cm, framed 53cm x 53cm
  • Sirène

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    Werk 20cm x 40cm, gerahmt 23cm x 43cm
  • Dance

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    Sin marco 20cm x 40cm, enmarcado 23cm x 43cm
  • Como pez en el agua thumbComo pez en el agua thumb

    Como pez en el agua

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    33cm x 53cm
  • Sea III thumbSea III thumb

    Sea III

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    33cm x 53cm
  • Sea White thumbSea White thumb

    Sea White

    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    83cm x 83cm
  • Surant thumbSurant thumb


    Mònica Castanys
    Painting Framed
    63cm x 63cm

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