Mireia Ruíz

Mireia Ruíz

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Mireia Ruiz is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Barcelona. She studied Graphic Design and currently works as a designer in her own creative studio. Her true passion however, are color, painting and canvas. She has collaborated with brands such as Bimba&Lola, Reebok, Tous, Absolut and teaches Creativity and Design at the IDEP Institute in Barcelona.
The synthesis of shapes and the deep study of color define the work of the artist. The series of paintings and collages created by irregular figures portray Mireia’s imaginary landscapes, where space, moon, line and face are recurring elements in her work. The attractive simplicity of the shapes accentuates the color palette with the intention to create compositional balance. These shapes dance with each other, multiply and associate through color to create compositions whose simplicity is essential for their charm.
Artig Gallery is pleased to present a series of paintings and collages created by Mireia. All works are signed by the artist and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping directly from the artist.

"My desire to paint is something that has always been with me, it's an obsession that makes me enjoy and connect with my plastic perception of an invented reality. On a professional level, my art brings me a lot of creativity in the art direction projects developed in my studio, Cocolia.
My work focuses on clean shapes and vivid color ranges to create dynamic compositions. My main motivation is to paint my works with color to convey a message of positivity in a world as complex as a parallel dimension.
I value abstract art but sometimes I have figurative tics, although this varies according to the message I want to create and my mood. Usually my work is pictorial: acrylic on canvas, however I also create works on paper that serve as a previous essay. I like to work with cardboard like the great Henri Matisse; cutting and composing freely has led me to transfer this emotion to the brushstroke, looking for similar finishes and defining my style.
For me color is a very important base: its intensity, saturation, different shades, and combinations... When I face a painting, the chromatic choice is fundamental, since I believe that those canvasses must convey a message of energy and vitality."

Bachelor in Graphic Design, Bau Design University of Barcelona, Spain (2001-2005).

Solo exhibition at ImaginCafé, Barcelona (2017)
Collective exhibition at Vasava Studio, #36days_expo, Barcelona (2017)
Collective exhibition at StudioStore, Barcelona (2017)
Collective exhibition at Tecla Sala Art Center, 12+1 Urban Contorn, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona (2016)
Collective exhibition at Mutuo Art Center, “SurfCity “We are antonyms”, Barcelona (2015)

Smoda Magazine (2017)
AdSpain Magazine (2017)
Urban Outfitters EUA Blog (2016)
Wallpaper City Guide Barcelona (2016)
Plomo Magazine, Issue 5, Guatemala (2016)
Sharpie, Artwork, EUA, (2015)
Wrap Magazine, Issue 1, UK (2015)
Benji Knewman, Issue 2, Riga (2014)
Perdiz Magazine, Issue 2, Barcelona (2012)

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