Maxime Longden

Maxime Longden

MEDIUM: Paintings and Drawings
CITY: Lisbon, Portugal

Maxime Longden is an artist and illustrator from the United Kingdom who was raised in Botswana in Africa. She studied Art History in London and has developed her professional career in the artistic field, which eventually brought her to Lisbon, Portugal, where she currently lives.
Her plastic work is filled with forceful and expressive brushstrokes and impressionist forms that are torn between the figurative and the abstract. Maxime’s artwork portrays her surrounding reality through a synthetic process of the aesthetic elements that compose it. Line, color and form are interpreted with a sublime abstraction, on which the artist prints her emotional interpretation of reality.

Artig Gallery presents a series of paintings and original drawings created by Maxime with gouache, oil, watercolors and pastels on paper or canvas. All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

“Having had no practical training, I am interested in founding my own pictorial vocabulary; my own techniques, symbols and tropes. I like painting from life, recording sensations and impulses that arise from first-hand experience. I am interested in the sensory and the intrinsic. I like metaphors and patterns and following threads that lead to the subconscious and the unknown ...

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