Masaya Eguchi

Masaya Eguchi

MEDIUM: Mixed Media
CITY: Tokyo, Japan

Masaya Eguchi is an artist of Japanese origin born in Mie (Japan). He studied Fine Arts at Tama Art University in Tokyo.
In his works, the artist combines materials such as wood and paint to create geometric and mostly square compositions, which remind of traditional Japanese paper sculptures. Masaya's work invites us to explore a new universe in which order and chaos come together. In order to create his works, Masaya contemplates the world calmly. He makes sketches of his vision and puts them aside for a while. Later, he comes back to them and explores their artistic potential. To the artist, his works can be hanged in any direction, since each angle provides different visual experiences.

Inside Masaya Eguchi’s Studio

Artig Gallery presents an original collection of mixed media works created by Masaya. All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

“I am always interested in altering the viewers’ states of perception. In my works, I use organic and abstract strokes that give movement to my artworks. ...

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