Marie Tooth

Marie Tooth

MEDIUM: Painting and illustration
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Marie Tooth is the artistic name of Patricia Aibar, the Spanish artist lives and works in Barcelona. In recent years, she has exhibited her work in several national and international art exhibitions reaching a wide international audience. With her works, the artist invites the viewer to contemplate overwrought and intimate scenes. To observe her pieces is to visit the universe of the artist, in which the fragility and the strength of the human body come together to offer a unique aesthetic experience.

Artig Gallery presents a collection of original and unique paintings and illustrations and a series of limited edition large size prints created by the artist. All prints are numbered and signed by the artist and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

"Marie Tooth is the alter ego of Patricia Aibar (1985). Her pseudonym is inspired by the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. The Catalan artist was diagnosed with this disease in her adolescence. She found in painting a way to escape from the pain she was suffering. Marie Tooth embarks on an autobiographical liberational journey that allows her to relinquish from justifications and find catharsis through her pseudonym’s signature.
At the age of 6, she received her first box of watercolors she always kept it near her. Although she has been painting since then, it wasn’t until 2015, twenty-four years later, that she decided to show her work to the public in the individual show `Fragile'. This is when she revealed to the world her pictorial diary built with brush strokes. Brushstrokes bathed in watercolor, a style that she considers the most noble due to the lack of margin of error it offers. The smallest slip cannot be hidden when working with watercolors. This allows Marie Tooth to delve into the defects, those that she believes make us truly different and unique. According to the artist, "Our shadow does not stop being our inner child claiming love, the purest version of each one of us.”
In her works, the artist dives into what make us different and unique. An autobiographical journey with a cleansing character, composed by watercolored brush strokes."

Secretos - Collective exhibition, Barcelona (2017)
De cuerpo entero - Collective exhibition, Barcelona (2017)
Fragile - Solo show at The Secret Room, Barcelona (2015)
Nothing to do in common - Collective exhibition at Falstaff, Barcelona (2015)
Behind the show illustrated - Collective exhibition at Krizia Robustella Backyard, Barcelona (2015)
Nepotismo ilustrado curated by Juan Francisco Casas - Collective exhibition at Galería Fernando Pradilla, Madrid, (2015)
Mi Ocaña - Collective exhibition at Ocaña, Barcelona (2015)
Insta Lab Art by Impossible Project - Collective exhibition at Gallery Impossible Project, Berlín (2015)
Normal by Marie Tooth - Showroom at Krizia Robustella Backyard, Barcelona (2015)
Lenguajes en Papel VI - Collective exhibition at Galería Fernando Pradilla, Madrid, (2015)

She wears tour - International show sponsored by Eastpak (London - Berlin - Paris - NY - Milan – Barcelona, (2015)
Fuet Magazine N3 - Collaboration, Barcelona (2016)
#absolutnights - Collaboration, Barcelona (2016)
Zener - Colección cápsula de joyas con TMYD (2017)

Limerencia - Solo Show, Barcelona – pending date

PUBLICATIONS (selection)
i-D, Tenmag, Vice, Eslang, Momo-mag, Time Out, Creation Mag, Contemporary Art Barcelona, Hotel Pulitzer, El Mundo, Fantastic Plastic Mag, No thanks by Ramiro E, Trendsmag, Neo2, Vein, Fuet Magazine, Elle UK, Good2b, Tendencias TV, Le Cool, It Fashion

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