Karl Bielik

Karl Bielik

MEDIUM: Paintings
CITY: London, UK

Karl Bielik is an artist who lives and works in London, UK. He has participated in exhibitions around the world, he was a finalist for the Contemporary British Painting Prize (2016), was selected for the John Moores Painting Prize (2016) and among the chose artists for The London Open 2015, a triennial exhibition held by the Whitechapel Gallery. Karl’s work is filled with expressive and forceful paint strokes created during a very physical and emotional creative process. He works passionately on different projects, returning to them over a space of time, therefore letting the pieces create their own meaning. As a result of this approach of expressive action, the artist’s paintings are a powerful representation of the evolution of his emotional state of mind over time.
Artig Gallery presents a series of paintings created by Karl Bielik, oil paintings on canvas, linen, panel or board. All artworks are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

“I am an abstract painter, I work on canvas, linen, panels and paper. I work exclusively in oil paint on thirty or so paintings and drawings at once and these vary in scale from intimate to large. The studio is the place where practically everything happens for me; occasionally diagrams from medical books or photographs I have taken may inform the work in its formative stages, but essentially my work emerges from the physical process of painting.
Loose oily wounds and thick emulsions offset light glazes and dribbles, I paint, wipe out, paint over, turn the canvasses around, print, blot, mask, pour paint, scrape and scratch. Irregular canvases, panels and paper litter my studio walls and tables. I shift from one piece to another and don’t focus on completion, just nudging a painting from one position to another.
Only when I am in the studio standing in front of the work do they begin to take form, I give them room to develop meaning to be here in the world.
I am in there almost every day and there is little thought process outside of the studio. The works are sometimes not touched for weeks or months, which offers an incubation time to contemplate where I want them to go, them to take me or if they become complete. In contrast to my sometimes emotive imagery, banal solitary words form my titles, tempering and balancing the melancholy character of my work.”

OND Graphic Design, Calderdale College, Halifax, England 1987-89
HND Graphic Design, Stockport College, England 1989-91

Pigmental, The Rochester Gallery. Solo show curated by Matt Bray, Kent (2017)
A Reporter's Notebook, Tin Cafe. Solo show of 59 small works on paper, London (2017)
Centre of Tamines & Auvelais, Curated by Dennis Guerra & Fred Michiels. Belguim (2018)
Migration and Empathy, Bursa Museum. Curated by Reyhani Akan, Turkey (2018)
Testcard P, The Marylebone Crypt, London (2017)
Contemporary Masters from Britain, China touring the following venues...
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Tianjin, Yantai Art Museum, Yantai (2017)
Artall Gallery and The Jiangsu Arts Museum, Nanjing (2017)
Art Gallery NaKashirke. Curated by Andrey Volkov, Moscow and St Petersburg (2017)
La Liberte Comme Embleme d'Echec, Tamines. Curated by Fred Michiels, Belguim (2017)
Secret Postcard Show, The Old Lock Up, Cromford, Derbyshire, (2017)
Bring Something Pink, St Chamas. Curated by Yifat Gat, France (2017)
Royal West of England Academy, Curated by Nectarios Stamatopolous.Bristol (2017)
Steal the Show, Glasgow Open House Festival. Curated by Jessica Wilson, Glasgow (2017)
Footfall Art, Walthamstow Window Gallery, Curated by Hannah Luxton.(2017)
Testing 1<2<1<2. Unit 3, Curated by John Bunker, London (2017)
Studio 1.1. 3 person show with Stephen Buckeridge and Lorraine Robbins, London (2017)
Sluice Art Fair Fundraiser, London (2017)
The Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016. London (2016)
The Riverside Gallery, London and Huddersfield Art Gallery (2016)
Osman's Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1, London. (2016)
The John Moores Painting Prize 2016, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. (2016)
The Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016 Group Show. (2016)
The Riverside Gallery, Richmond Museum, London. (2016)
Huddersfield Art Gallery. (2016)
Paper Cuts, Transition, London. (2016)
Article 25 Charity Auction, RIBA, London(2016)
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London. (2016)
B&W, Transmitter, Brooklyn, New York. (2016)
Polyphony, The Wright Gallery, Northport, Michigan. (2016)
Summer Salon, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes, London. (2016)
We are the Dead, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, USA. (2016)
Abstract Strategies, Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany. (2016)
Kunstlermesse Art Fair 2016, Dresden, Germany. Showing with Pluspace Project. (2016)
Contemporary British Drawing, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an Province, China. (2015)

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