Jordi Sarrate

Jordi Sarrate

Medium: Painting & Sculpture
City: Puigcerdà, Spain

Spanish painter and sculptor Jordi Sarrate develops his work from a holistic perspective, in which the whole is not the sum of its parts, but the ability they have to interact, and the energy hidden in all that surrounds us. For artist and graphic designer Jordi, the importance of artistic creation lies in how art can lead us to connect in our daily lives with well-being through composition, colours and textures. Jordi's work is visually striking and full of contrasts, with a flow of lines and organic strokes that draw balanced compositions that remind us of nature.

All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

“Consciousness and thoughts. Consciousness allows us to differentiate between what we perceive from the outside and the way we interpret it. Any experience is recorded with different types of information, can be images, sounds or sensations. We access this information in an unconscious way and the consciousness visualizes, listens or feels everything that is included at the same time that it can put distance and understand why this is kept in us in that concrete way, what meaning it has. Nature is the environment that allows us to connect to more essential things of our being and therefore, access more easily to that which gives us mo ...

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