Jordi Aguilar

Jordi Aguilar

Medium: Painting
City: Barcelona, Spain

Spanish artist Jordi Aguilar feels deeply inspired by color and the search for freedom in art. His work is mainly conceptual and derives from his passion for intellectual essays, art theory and Philosophy. Even if his artworks are purely abstract and have a strong sense of color and shape, the artist’s conceptual background makes the spectator question art and society through suggestive and bold titles that are in contrast with the vivid and powerful colours in his works. Jordi’s paintings are enigmatic and captivating, they are an ode to powerful contrast and freedom, a perfect balance between concept and the artist’s colourful personal style.

All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

"I'm not interested in painting beautiful pictures, I seek to say things"

Self-instructed in design and arts with a long trajectory in Creative Design.

First Prize Florence Shanghai Painting Prize, Shanghai, China and Florence, It ...

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