Claudia Vivero

Claudia Vivero

Medium: Painting
City: Barcelona, Spain

Born in Argentina, Claudia Vivero is a multidisciplinary artist of international projection. She began her artistic career with a sculptural approach, exploring with three-dimensional works of diverse materials such as wood and metals. Her intuition when designing her compositions and when using color have helped the artist to develop a technique closely linked to the aesthetic research and the creation of works capable of modifying the space where they are placed. Claudia's work is a tribute to aesthetic beauty and a search to please the senses in the most natural way, through a complex but refined palette of colours and a perfectly balanced composition.

All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

"Guided by the emotion suggested by colour, I seek a beautiful effect of the basic materials of painting -colour and form- to suggest a new space within the space in which the works are placed.”

Painting Studies, Manuel Belgrado, Fine Art School, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (1991)

Solo Exhibitions
Kunstdetektor, Berlin, ...

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