Carla Cascales

Carla Cascales

MEDIUM: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

Carla Cascales is a designer and artist from Barcelona. She has created designs for a variety of international brands and companies and her works as been published in different media channels. Her perspective as an artist is subtle and minimalistic. Her works convey an aura of pure transience, embodied in a series of elegant and geometric lines that sculpt three dimensional pieces and extraordinary works on paper.
Artig Gallery presents a series of artworks created by Carla. All works are signed by the artist, include a certificate of authenticity and are in perfect condition.

“I am a designer and freelance artist from Barcelona, passionate about textures, minimalistic compositions, organic materials and geometries. I focus on contemporary painting, sculpture and drawing.”

Design Degree, ELISAVA, Barcelona.

Solo exhibition, Castellana 22 Gallery, Madrid 2018
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Galería Miquel Alzueta 2017
Mirat & Co Gallery, Erotic Stories (collective exhibition), Madrid 2017
White Wall, Espacio 88, Barcelona 2017
Lost drawings. MCAM Gallery, Barcelona (2015)
Weart festival. Barcelona (2014)
How design can change a city. Mutuo, Barcelona (2013)

Oysho, Live Nation, Diputació de Barcelona, Apolo, Massimo Dutti, Facebook, Primavera Sound, Martini, Louis Vuitton, Kinfolk, Mucho, Hard Rock, Monoqi, Random House Mondadori, Editorial Empúries, Magro Cardona, Vueling, All those Food Market, Caravan Made, Nomad Coffee, Garage Beer Co., Seat, Monapart, Walk with me

Fubiz, Gráffica, Index book, Trendland, Good2be, UnderConsideration, FvF, Good2b, Hyde Magazine, Lamono Magazine, Brand Magazine, Novum, Fedrigoni Club, Packaging of the world

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