Boris Fauser

Boris Fauser

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Berlin, Germany

Boris Fauser is a German artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied philosophy and political science, however over the years he has developed his artistic work. Boris’ artistic point of view focuses on the surface as a whole, the large format canvas is his field of action, in which there are no limits or hierarchies. The artist possesses a three-dimensional conception of his work; through different types of paintings he creates contrasts, depths and textures in a monochromatic context. The automatic action is what motivates Boris, the unexpected and spontaneous define his brush strokes and the power of his work, which is portrayed in a series of intriguing white canvases capable of redefining our conception of simplicity.
Artig Gallery presents a series of paintings created by Boris Fauser made with a mix of wall paint, spray paint, glossy paint and acrylic on canvas. All works are signed by the artist and will be delivered directly from the artist’s studio with a certificate of authenticity.

“Among minimalist modernism abstract expressionism and process-orientated painting influence my work mainly. While the minimal work is conceptual the abstracts follow the idea of process, intuition, chance and circumstance within the work, the automatic and unconsciousness. In general, my work deals.”

Doctoral study, leading to the awarding of Doctor of Philosophy (Since 2010)
MA, Philosophy and Political Science, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (2008)

2013: Untitled, Retramp Gallery, Berlin
Pornceptual does SomoS, SomoS Arts, Berlin (2014)
Plastic Poetics, Salon Mutlu, Berlin (2014)
XTSS, Golders, Berlin (2013)
Summer Academy, Autocenter, Berlin (2013)
Wir sind Helden, Junge Kunst, Berlin (2013)
Another Criteria, Marzia Frozen, Berlin (2012)
Groß Berlin, Marzia Frozen, Berlin (2011)
2D, 2025 e.V., Hamburg (2011)
A Feast of Fools, Second Floor, New York (2011)

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