Blanca Gibert

Blanca Gibert

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Sabadell, Spain

Blanca Gibert is a young artist who lives and works in Castellar del Vallés in the North East of Spain. The expressionist comes from a family of painters: her grandfather, the well-known painter Adrián Aldecoa, her grandmother Rosario Aldecoa and her mother Pepa Beotas. She grew up among canvases and brushes, which lead her to the world of fine arts. Her passion guided her to study classical music and, at the same time, she trained to become a painter in a variety of artist studios. Blanca had the great opportunity to learn from renowned Spanish painters such as Manuel Ruíz Ortega, Concha Ibáñez, Carles Bellostas, Emili Hierro, Rosa Nin and José Moreno. The artist started exhibiting in 1999 and has shown her work in a wide number of galleries and art spaces.

Blanca's work focuses on the expression of her inner universe. Her paintings materialize her personal journey and evolution, always maintaining a consolidated expressive structure.

Blanca’s artworks are originals, signed by the artist and will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio.

"When it comes to framing myself in an artistic movement, I think that what comes closest to my current pictorial approach is symbolism. Previously I ascribed myself in an abstract expressionism, which was highly visceral, with strong colors and daring forms.
The premature death of my father marked me deeply and led me to a period of inactivity, after which I resumed my activity with another concept in where I used softer colors, it was a turning point in my way of painting.
There are many painters that inspire me, but there are three that I am passionate about: Edward Hopper, René Magritte and Edvard Munch, although I love the classics, the nineteenth-century landscape painters, especially Modest Urgell, and the current hyper-realism.
My goal is to get up every day and get to paint my best picture and reach the widest possible viewers.”

Blanca Gibert: "I hold a professional music degree, specifically piano. I was trained as a painter directly in the workshops of renowned painters."

Solo Exhibitions:
Sala Sant Roc, Valls (2017)
Hotel Atenea, Mataró (2017)
Galería Santi-Art, Castellar del Vallès (2016)
Centre Cívic Guinardó, Barcelona (2016)
Galería La destil·leria, Mataró (2015)
Sala polivalent El mirador, Castellar del Vallès (2015)
Galería Aguilart, Castellar del Vallès (2007)
Arts i Marcs, Castellar del Vallès (2007)
Arts i Marcs, Castellar del Vallès (2006)
Piano bar Cal Calissó, Castellar del Vallès (2005)
Café del sol, Castellar del Vallès (2005)
Fundación Caja Rural, Granada (2004)
Casa Museu Rafael de Casanoves, Moià (2004)
Centro Cultural Venta Micena, Granada, (2003)
Poetes Galería d’Art, Tarragona (2002)
Foro club, Barcelona (2002)
Jazztard Club, Sabadell (2001)
Galería Multiart, Barcelona (2000)

Selected Group Exhibitions (Selection):
Estripam, Sabadell (2017)
Estripam, Sabadell (2017)
Colectiva de Pintores Castellà del Vallès, Castellà del Vallès (2016)
Associació de St. Lluc, Mataró (2015)
Librería Doria, Mataró (2015)
Estripam, Sabadell (2015)
Galería San Vicente, Alicante (2015)
Fundación Iluro, Mataró (2014)
Museu obert, Mataró (2014)
Fira d’art de Terrassa, Terrassa (2013)
Galería San Vicente, Alicante (2013)
Galería Traç d’Art, Sabadell (2013)
Galería Traç d’Art, Sabadell (2012)
Galería Traç d’Art, Sabadell (2011)
American Prints, Barcelona (2010)
Firart, Castellar del Vallès (2010)
Galería Traç d’Art, Estartit (2010)
Galería Traç d’Art, Sabadell (2010)
Galería Traç d’Art, Sabadell (2009)
Firart, Castellar del Vallès (2008)
Galería Aguilart, Castellar del Vallès (2008)
American Prints, Barcelona (2008)
Centro Cultural Contemporáneo José Saramago, Granada (2008)
Galería Traç d’Art, Estartit (2008)

Finalist in the “Minicuadros” contest "Muz-Martínez", Alicante (2013)

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