Antonio Santafé

Antonio Santafé

Medium: Painting
City: Barcelona, Spain

Dynamism and creative freedom are a constant element in Antonio Santafé’s work, a Spanish painter who lives between Zaragoza and Barcelona. His paintings show the artist’s intuition when designing his compositions and his effusive work with contrast and colour. His loose and gestural brushstrokes made by playing with the element of surprise, generate asymmetrical and casual compositions of gestural abstraction and saturated colors, with an emphasis on black, blue, yellow and white. With an artistic residence in the workshop of Jaume Plensa, one of the most successful Spanish artists in the international art market, and exhibitions in different cultural centres, Antonio's work keeps captivating international art lovers and collectors.

All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

"I keep my eyes open and my hands in constant motion. Energetically and freely I move on the canvas. My creative process is a constant search for surprise. Some encounters are fortuitous, while others are artificially created. My compositions reveal a series of decisions that contain a history o ...

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