Karim Adduchi

Karim Adduchi

MEDIUM: Mixed Media
CITY: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Karim Adduchi is an artist from Imzouren, Morocco, who currently lives and works in the Capital of the Netherlands. Raised in a family of tailors, he grew up surrounded by sewing workshops, so from an early age, Karim showed great interest in fashion and illustration.
At a young age his father embarked on a new course to Barcelona, followed by his whole family in 1993. Because he did not speak the local language, he began to express himself through drawings, which marked the beginning of his visual expression.
Passionate about Fine Arts, he studied painting and drawing techniques of the Italian Renaissance. At the same time, he collaborated with different art institutions such as MACBA, Fundació Miró and CCCB, among others. In 2011 the artist moved to Amsterdam to study fashion design.
Karim is a versatile artist; illustration, photography, painting and fashion are just some of his forms of expression. His discourse, developed in the different areas, seeks to unravel the history behind the human face and the complexity behind the body.
The artist combines a sober and elegant aesthetic with irreverent and expressive strokes of paint, that help us explore the rich inner world of his enigmatic and sensual characters.
Artig Gallery presents a series of mixed media works created by Karim Adduchi inspired by beauty, sensuality and haute couture. All works are signed and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity, directly from the artist’s studio.

Karim is a young artist but he produces a surprisingly intimate work that portrays his own particular vision of the world. He deals at depth with portraits of unreal characters that reveal and depict feelings and preoccupations that are wholly tangible. The artist provides his figures with an aura of mystery and offers a veiled look into the person´s inner world. His personality is uncloaked in the reflection of the faces he draws in an intangible space-time, faces that belong in his world and are tattooed with stories on their visages, bodies and mannerisms, private stories that in fact belong to the personal stories and experiences of the artist. We see the individual set against the crowd fighting for his personal space in a calmly tense manner.

Fashion Department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2011-2015)
Fine Arts/Art History/ Esthetics Studies at the University of Barcelona (UB), Spain (2009-2011)
Bachelor Art/Design Academy Studies at Pompeu Fabra, Martorell, Barcelona, Spain (2006-2008)
Academy/Institution Italian Art, CAL'Oller Art School, Barcelona, Spain (1997-2008)

Exhibition at ST- Art 2017 European Contemporary Art Fair Strasbourg (2017)
PopUp Exhibition at the X Bank Amsterdam ICEBos (2017)
Cover Book Vernon Subutex T1, Norway (2017)
Exhibition “Fashion Cities Africa” TropenMuseum, Amsterdam (2017-2018)
Exhibition SBK Artfair, Amsterdam (2017)
Exhibition “StreetSmart” CHRISTIES Auction, Amsterdam  (2017)
Exhibition at WOW RedopenStudio ART Exhibition (2017)
Exhibition at Galerie Fontana. Summer Exhibition, Amsterdam (2017)
Symposium De Kleuren Van – RembrandtLAB, Netherlands (2017)
Exhibition de Bijenkorf Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017)
Exhibition Kunstrai (2017)
Opening Show Season 2016 July AFW. – She Lives Behind the Courtyard Door. Fashion week
Exhibition Lighting 10 years AFW (2016)
Solo art exhibition April ArtOtel Amsterdam, Netherlands 5&33 G
Painting Exhibition Etikkete Project Lunch (2014)
Painting Exhibition Etikette Project Summer (2014)
Painting Exhibition Wolvenstraat21 Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)
Paintings Exhibition PrintGallery Prinsengracht Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)
Drawing Book, Laie Editorial Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Video installation for “Brown” Barcelona, Spain (2010)
Photography exhibition (Barcelona Íntima) Hotel “Royal”, Barcelona, Spain (2010)
Exhibition “Setmana de Día” Arquitects University Barcelona, Spain (UPC) (2010)
Exhibition for the Presentation “CulturalMumo” (Espai Motel ) Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Book Artista, Editorial Argenta, Italy (2009)

Interview on Radio France (2017)
Interview "Moroccan designer Karim Adduchi worked with refugees to preserve the forgotten history of the Berbers," Vogue Magazine (2017)
Interview It's Liquid "Karim Adduchi" (2017)
Article "Karim Adduchi: The Alchemist", The ORCL (2017)
Review "Fashion: The most original Moroccan creators", Huff Post France (2017)
Article "Amsterdam New Wave", Vogue Magazine (2016)
Article "A Surreal Look at the Reality of Beauty" ID Magazine (2016)
Article "Patterned garments by Karim Adduchi", Scraper Magazine (2015)
Review of the work of Karim Adduchi, Superfuture (2013)

Please send all inquiries about this artist to info@artiggallery.com

  • Gues

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    33cm x 43cm
  • Click

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    33cm x 43cm
  • Venus

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    33cm x 43cm
  • Prayers

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    52cm x 40cm
  • Pendi

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    33cm x 43cm
  • Fashion vs Art

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    33cm x 43cm
  • Women eats Paper

    Karim Adduchi
    Mixed Media
    23cm x 33cm

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