Jimmy Millán

Jimmy Millán

MEDIUM: Collage
CITY: Granada, Spain

Jimmy Millan is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Granada. He comes from a family of artists, which is why he has been surrounded by art throughout his life. He has collaborated with major fashion publications such as Vogue, Vanidad Magazine and DoubleView. His work is strongly influenced by fashion’s lifestyle, pop culture and Mod aesthetic. Using scraps of photographs, magazines, prints and fabrics Jimmy creates his perception of reality: a fantastic world full of bright colors, uneven cuts, compounds of iconic characters harmoniously composed. A world where beauty, design and sensuality experience each other creating different levels and dimensions carefully organized.
Artig Gallery presents a series of unique collages created by Jimmy, made with paper, acrylic paint and diverse objects on cardboard. All works are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

“From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep, I find inspiration in everything around me, from the most trivial to the most remarkable thing. I've always thought, that the appreciation of things lies in the eye of the observer and not in the thing itself, which is why I try to show through my work my perception of reality. I seek to show beauty where at first sight seems to be none.
I admit that I have been strongly influenced by artists of all kinds, from painters to musicians, from architects, authors and photographers, as well as many others ... but I'd say my attention goes to those artists, particularly plastic artists, whose works develop a parallel between reality and figuration, creating innovation and subjectivity.
I am not very fond of labels; so I would only say that my style is fresh and feels alive, born from the idea of always looking forward and wanting to show the observer a new, different and original work. That energy and desire to innovate builds up when I am in front of the paper, that’s when ideas start to flow through me with such intensity that it is very difficult for me to work only on a single piece, so I usually work on several artworks at the same time. In my collages you can recognize iconic figures from the music industry, buildings, plants, words ... all of them on many occasions with some allusion to fashion, not in terms of pieces of clothing, but in terms of how clothing defines us, expressing our mood, character and personality. In the same way that we hang an artwork in our home because it produces sensations and emotions...fashion for me is something that has the same effect, the way we dress turns us into a work of art, projecting our mood on others.
If I had to determine the very moment, when I decided to dedicate myself fully to art, and even though it had been building up inside me since my childhood, I would say this moment happened in 2010, when I moved to Prague. There, I had the opportunity to be in close contact with art, to learn and to absorb as much as I could of the bohemian spirit of the city. Surely my months there were very helpful to my artistic, cultural and spiritual evolution. However, my personal circumstances were complicated at that moment, and only years later, in September 2015, was I able to free myself from what held me back and embrace my great passion for art and turn it into my lifestyle.
Within my family, art has always been very present. My grandfather was an architect and a talented watercolor painter, which was inherited by my father. My mother is an art history professor, my sister is a graphic designer, my brother is an acrobat, and many other family members are artists. So why, with so much artistic influence around me, didn’t I start earlier? I guess, c'est la vie (that’s life).
Instagram and other social media networks have given me visibility and opened doors that I could have only dreamt of. Thanks to Instagram I sold works to people outside of my city and outside of Spain, to collectors who perhaps, without this tool, would have never known my work and they would have had to settle to by works made by artists of their circle of acquaintances or friends.”

I am self-taught, but I have not taught myself, I have learned through observing others, living and traveling. In my father I found the ideal teacher, outside the regular system of education, learning by trial and error and the implementation of things. I learn from everything. Maybe, by not attending an official art school, it took me a little longer to learn, but maybe that is also why I have been fortunate to not have barriers in exploring techniques and experience.

"Copado Millán Papel" exposición colectiva, Experimento Madrid (Madrid). (2017)
Artista invitado a 3aEdición de Terral Market en La Temporal (Málaga) (2017)
"See more, watch all", Artista invitado a Mercado de Diseño (Madrid) (2017)
Artig Gallery exhibition, Galeries Lafayette (Berlín, Germany) (2017)
Artista invitado a 2aEdición de Terral Market en Centro Cultural "Pablo Picasso" (Torremolinos) (2017)
"Ayer y Hoy", Espacio de Arte "Azur" (Jaén) (2017)
"Artcázar" exposición colectiva, Museo Provincial (Jaén) (2017)
"Mood Board", Hotel Marquis Isabel's (Granada) (2017)
Exposición colectiva en IED Máster para Byld "Handmade Startups", (Madrid) (2017)
"Works on Paper" exposición colectiva, Brick Lane Gallery (Londres, UK) (2017)
Artista invitado a 1aEdición de Terral Market en La Térmica (Málaga) (2016)
"Blank Canvas" at "Los Baños Árabes" (Jaén), collective exhibition with artists and designers Santiago Ydáñez, Carlos Buendía, Fernando Bayona, Tíscar Espadas, David Delfín, Moisés Nieto and Leandro Cano, among others. (2016)
"Spain is different" at "Lío" Restaurant (Granada), (2016)
"Unisex" at "La Qarmita" (Granada), (2016)
"Animal" at "Galería da Baixa- Art Caffé (Faro, Portugal), (2016)
"World Icons" at "El Corte Inglés" (Jaén) (2015)
"Absolut Jaén" at "El Mercado" Restaurant (Jaén), (2015)
"50 años de Club de Campo", at "CLub de Campo" (Jaén), (2015)
"Collage-Art Exhibition", at "Mezzanine Art- Café" (Faro, Portugal), (2015)
"Torage" at "Quinto Toro" Restaurant (Jaén), (2015)
"Vive la Vie" at "Nude Bistrot" (Jaén), (2015)

Tentaciones magazine (collage for Jägermeister), Cinemanía magazine (illustrations for Jacquemus, Saint Laurente, Dries Van Noten, Beatriz Palacios, Alfred Kerbs and Magro Cardona).
Vein Magazine, interview about the collaboration with Moisés Nieto, (2016)
Vanity Fair, 4 spread article with the interpretation of the summer collections (2016)
DoubleView Magazine, review about an (2016)
Vogue Spain, Christmas gifts editorial, (2015)

Round Table on Art and Social Networks at Universidad de Jaén (Jaén, Spain). November 2017
"El collage como camino a la creatividad", workshop at Espacio de Arte "Azur" (Jaén, Spain). May 2017
Moda ADN Jaén Workshop with Carlos Buendía y Tíscar Espadas en Diputación (Jaén, Spain). June 2017

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