Deja Mar

Deja Mar

MEDIUM: Mixed Media
CITY: Uzice, Serbia

Born in Serbia, but with an international artistic language, Deja Mar is the artistic pseudonym of Deyan Clement, a young artist with a surprising trajectory. With solo and collective exhibitions in Serbia, Uruguay, United States and Germany, Deja made a strong impression in the art scene with his constant and varied artistic production, in the fields of visual and performance art.
Creating in diverse and complex mediums, such as photography, performance and collage, Deja manages to achieve excellency in each one of his creative branches, what attracted the interest of international companies to invest in his artworks. The artist's themes are also diverse, social critic, the questioning of the being and the modern figure of the artist; are some of the themes that Deja imprints on his artistic production.

Artig Gallery presents an intimate collection of collages inspired by the Mediterranean, made with paper and vinyl by the artist, product of a constant search of color and shape, in a purist and balanced dialogue, in which creating the perfect composition is the leitmotiv of the artist.
All artworks are originals and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Insured shipping directly from the artist’s studio.

“For me as an artist collage is important mental practice and as much as I’ ...

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