Deja Mar

Deja Mar

MEDIUM: Painting
CITY: Uzice, Serbia

Born in Serbia, but with an international artistic language, Deja Mar is the artistic pseudonym of Deyan Clement, a young artist with a surprising trajectory. With solo and collective exhibitions in Serbia, Uruguay, United States and Germany, Deja made a strong impression in the art scene with his constant and varied artistic production, in the fields of visual and performance art.
Creating in diverse and complex mediums, such as photography, performance and collage, Deja manages to achieve excellency in each one of his creative branches, what attracted the interest of international companies to invest in his artworks. The artist's themes are also diverse, social critic, the questioning of the being and the modern figure of the artist; are some of the themes that Deja imprints on his artistic production.

Artig Gallery presents an intimate collection of collages inspired by the Mediterranean, made with paper and vinyl by the artist, product of a constant search of color and shape, in a purist and balanced dialogue, in which creating the perfect composition is the leitmotiv of the artist.
All artworks are originals, signed by the artist and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio.

“For me as an artist collage is important mental practice and as much as I’m working in this area I am always able to surprise myself and find something new. It is my kind of time, when the entire world is silenced and I can start to listen not what is outside, but inside of me.
The artist Helen Frankenthaler said once that in relations with people, as in art, if you always stick to style, manners, and what will work, and you're never caught off guard, then some beautiful experiences never happen. And truly what I always wanted from my work process is to surprise me. To have as little control as I can, to let the shapes and colors choose me not otherwise. That’s why I consider my work unpredictable till the moment I feel that is finished.”

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia (2015)

Best photographer of the year, Mulafoco, Uruguay (2014)
Best student of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2012)
Best student of the Painting Department, Academy of Fine Arts of Trebinje, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2012)

Solo Exhibitions:
“The good wife”, Cultural Center Banski Dvor, Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2017)
“The good wife”, BPM & UNILIB, Belgrade, Serbia (2017)
“The artist is dead”, Cultural Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia (2016)
“Japan”, Gallery of Modern Art, Lazarevac, Belgrade, Serbia (2011)
“Body language”, manifestation ISKON, Pozega, Croatia (2008)

Selected Group Exhibitions:
“DOBA OBNOVE II”, gallery Reflektor, Uzice, Serbia (2018)
“Mangelos award finalists”, Remont gallery, Belgrade, Serbia (2018)
“Skoro pa otpor”, gallery U10, Beograd, Serbia (2018)
“Regional art salon”, City gallery, Uzice, Serbia (2017)
“DOBA OBNOVE”, gallery Reflektor, Uzice, Serbia (2017)
“Borderland esc”, City gallery Uzice, Serbia (2017)
“BelgradePhotoMonth”, Galerija opstine Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia (2017)
“DIFFERENT WORLDS” CEHOP, Bratislava; Viltin gallery, Budapest (2017)
“DIFFERENT WORLDS”, Photon gallery, Vienna; Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2016)
“DIGITALBIGSCREEN”, Delavski dom, Trbovlje, Slovenia (2016)
“RETHink Art Digital Festival”, Act&Art Productions, Rethymno, Greece (2016)
“OFF THE WALL I video art”, Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, USA (2016)
“Methodologies, deconstruction of identity” Cultural Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia (2016)
“sTERORtipi”, Queer salon, Cultural Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia (2015)
“Mulafoco”, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Uruguay (2014)
“Mediterranea 16 – Errors Allowed”, Progress Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia (2013)

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