Daniel Senior

Daniel Senior

MEDIUM: Mixed Media
CITY: Bogotá and Barcelona

Daniel Senior is an artist and graphic designer born in Bogotá in Colombia, who currently lives and works in Barcelona. His work focuses on the elaboration of mixed media and dystopian compositions. The artist uses the collage as a way to show, in a critical and satirical way, an era of our society influenced by mass consumption and new advances in technology. Daniel also focuses on topics such as leisure and daily life during the 60s and the 80s, taking the viewer to a new reality imagined by the artist.
Daniel gives great importance to the compositional balance within his works, he pays attention to every detail and permanently looks for aesthetic harmony. His passion for photography, his sensitivity and his professional experience in the field of design led him to create structures, where each cut holds a new message to be unveiled. Through his collages, Daniel freezes time and opens a space for reflection where we feel nostalgia for a time and a place in which we actually never lived.

Artig Gallery presents a series of digital collages in a limited edition of 5 prints each, printed manually by the artist himself. All artworks are numbered and signed by the artist and will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity.

“Collage is the medium where I am able to express the dystopia in human relations among ourselves and our surroundings. The personal and collective space has been a starting point for creating images that express a struggle between the human existence and a political, natural, astronomical or emotional context. I find in conflict a poetic unity that expresses certain beauty around the process of overcoming the tension that only experience has made and later heals.
The process of my work begins with a fascination for photographic images, most of them old and vintage images of the 60's-80's that I find in magazines. These images show a history of social evolution, the relation with machines, the ordinary life in these years, the discovery of space and the impact or power of nature. I cut these images and join them manually, subtracting them from their original source and context. I always look for a contrast in color and in the representation of the images to merge them into a single feeling.
My inspiration comes from avant-garde and conceptual artist movements, music and film.”

Graduated in Art’s Education. Specialized in Cultural Projects. Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia. (2013)

“The Get Toghether” Casa Común, Bogotá, Colombia. (2017)
“The Get Toghether” Casa Común, Bogotá, Colombia. (2017)
“De espacio espacio” Casa Común, Bogotá, Colombia. (2016)
“Gato por Liebre”. Undergrduate Art projects from the Andres University, Bogotá, Colombia (2013).

El Malpensante Magazine Ed. 191 (2017)
VICE V6 N3 (2017)
VICE V6 N1 (2017)
VICE Edición de Ficción (2016)
VICE V5 N3 (2016)
Exclama! Magazine (2013)

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There are currently no artworks of this artist available.

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