Rosie Webb

Rosie Webb

MEDIUM: Illustration
CITY: Bristol, UK

Rosie Webb is an illustrator who lives and works in Bristol, UK. For several years, she lived in London where she worked for major publishers and media outlets such as The Times and The Guardian, however she decided to return to her roots in Bristol and start developing her personal work. Rosie's subtle illustrations portray the beauty of the figures and subjects that surround us: animals, flowers, gardening tools, cooking utensils, and so much more. Her greatest inspirations are outstanding illustrators like Michael Foreman or the Japanese water colour artist Chihiro Iwasaki. Rosie delicately uses water colours and applies them in a spontaneous way with ethereal brush strokes. This technique and her choice of naïve elements combined with an inherent touch of humor invite the viewer into her charming world.
Artig Gallery presents a series of original water colour works and limited edition prints created by the artist. All works are signed and editions are numbered by Rosie and will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity.

“I am an illustrator working in watercolour with a loose and contemporary style, using bright colours and injecting humour into my work. I worked for several large editorial publications in the UK and worldwide before focusing on producing my own work and have since self-published two children's books. I have always liked art and design which is loose and simple and where less is more and this is what I strive for in my own work. I never draw in pencil first but prefer to paint straight onto the paper even if this sometimes means I have several 'false starts' and have to discard pieces I am not happy with.
I tend to be inspired by art and illustration from the 1960's and love the children’s book illustrations of Michael Foreman, Judith Kerr and Robert Louis Stevenson. I also love fine art from the 1960's and have always been inspired by Andy Warhol. I love his drawing style and the fact that he was so prolific and produced prints en masse whilst still pushing boundaries. Traditional Chinese art has also been an inspiration to me after spending a year and a half working and traveling in China.
I find Chihiro Iwasaki's (Japanese illustrator who died in 1974) work absolutely beautiful and love Taro Gomi's (a contemporary Children's illustrator/Author) work.
Although I love art and try and see as much of it as I can I do like to create work that is my own and to have my own unique style. This is something we were very much taught to do at University and although it is sometimes hard I am very grateful for this lesson.”

Manchester Metropolitan University. Illustration with Animation (1998)

Baristas café Bristol. Exhibition of new work (2017-2018)
Grounded café, Melksham. Exhibition of new work (2017 – 2018)
Pop up exhibition at North Bristol Arts. Exhibition of new work (2017)
Baristas cafe Bristol, 'The Cockatoos Shoes' book launch exhibition (2016)
Blaze Studio, 'The Cockatoos Shoes' book launch exhibition (2016)
Studio 73, Chimpanzees in Dungarees' book launch exhibition (2015)
Studio 73, Exhibition of new works (2014)
Room 212, Exhibition of new works (2014)

The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Jamie Oliver Magazine, Time Out, Red Magazine, Esquire, Le Magazine (Holland), Organic Gardening (US), Harper’s Bazaar, Vogrug Sveta (Russia), Myself magazine (Germany), Orion books, Quarto Publishing, Tango Books.

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