Judit Canal

Judit Canal

MEDIUM: Illustration, Mixed Media
CITY: Barcelona, Spain

JUDIT CANAL is a young Spanish designer specialized in fashion design, but illustration is what makes her world go round. Her aesthetic approach reflects the duality of things: She focuses not only on the inherent nature of the product, but also on its exterior pattern, not only on city life, but also on the urbanite’s need for nature in a metropolitan environment. This is how her creative illustrations fill with unexpected details and come to life.
Her heritage can be felt in her Mediterranean themes, her aesthetic eye for city specific skylines, characteristic rooftops, floor tiling, and façade patterns. Her playful confrontation between different textures and materials give the impression of digital illustrations, but all her exposed works are, in fact, made with pencil, gouache, pen and felt pen.

“My grandmother was an abstract painter and her work inspired me to express myself through my drawings since childhood. The way I give life to my illustrations is through fashion design, where creativity is based on a figure, limited by the measurements of a body and a certain trend; in this way I transform my drawings into prints for clothing. However, illustration has always been my passion. It is where I feel free to imagine idyllic and impossible situations in order to portray them. My illustrations seek to give beauty to things that we don’t consider aesthetically attractive right away and contrast them with elements that don’t appear to match at first sight.
I am inspired by the work of Javier Mariscal, the colorful aesthetics of David Hockney, the humor and simplicity of Juanjo Sáez and the work of illustrators like Suntur. I want my illustrations to have a purpose, my ideas to not just remain on paper but to become something more for the observer.”

LCI Design School Barcelona, Degree in Fashion Design, 2012-2016

Food&Art, Commissioned exhibition, Barcelona, 2017-2018
Ídil-lic Hidraulic, Barcelona, October 2014
Si Vens, Barcelona 2015

Internship with Catalan Fashion Designer Josep Abril, 2015
080 Barcelona Fashion Show 2015 and 2016

Punt Avui Spain, Illustration about what moves the world (2015)
Punt Avui Spain, Illustration about Tourism (2015)
Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Illustration about Social Media (July-August 2013)

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