The Team

the team

Greta Schindler

Greta Schindler
co-founder & managing director

Greta holds a Master's Degree in International Management from ESADE Business University in Barcelona and worked at different international companies. After graduating from the Postgraduate Programme in Art Curating CAS from Zürich University of Arts, Switzerland, she worked at different private art collections in Europe. Greta is interested in a wide array of contemporary artistic practices and this new form of digital collecting. She is now head of Artig Gallery

Favourite artistic movement: German post war expressionism
Special artist: Mies van der Rohe
Your home deco style: Bauhaus
My inspiration: Simplicity. Quality and Originality. White Cells. Doers.

Gemma Commabella

Gemma Comabella
co-founder & digital expert

Gemma holds a Master's Degree from ESADE and worked in Marketing and Online Mktg positions at different international companies in Spain and two international online retailers in Germany, market leaders in their industry, which allowed her to gain an ample experience as an expert on digital marketing and communication. She is passionate about the endless possibilities of the digital world and loves the art scene in Berlin.

Favourite artistic movement: Surrealist art and poetry
Special artist: Salvador Dalí, in particular his sculptures
Your home deco style: Minimalism with a mediterranean touch- I am Spanish after all!
My inspiration: Pepe and Lola, my two Maincoon cats

Clara Guixer Artig Gallery

Clara Guixer
Artistic Content & Artist Relations

Clara holds a Degree in Humanities specializing in contemporary art, and a Master in Cultural Studies from KULeuven University (Belgium). Her interest in oriental art inspired her to study at the City University of Hong Kong, where she researched the field of Contemporary Asian Art. She has created content for the Virtual Museum of Public Art Barcelona and still collaborates with public and private institutions, elaborating critical artistic texts and reviews. Clara has also been an active part of Documenta 14, where she worked as an assistant to the Benin-origin artist Pélagie Gbaguidi. As a valuable member of the Artig Gallery team, Clara is responsible for content creation and supports the capture of new talent.

Favourite artistic movement: Abstract Expressionism
Special artist: Mark Rothko
Your home deco style: Minimalism with touches of bright colors
My inspiration: Visiting art exhibitions, reading and traveling

Sarah Ortega Artig Gallery

Sarah Ortega
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

With a Bachelor in Creative Advertising from the University Institute of Technology in Nancy (France) and a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design from EINA (Spain), Sarah has worked as a designer and photographer for City of Talents in Toulouse (France), a project which promotes street art through events and exhibitions. Today, Sarah is responsible for graphic and web design at Artig Gallery and surprises us every day with her great talent for Children's Book Illustration.

Favourite artistic movement: Naïve Art
Special artist: Inès Longevial
Your home deco style: Cozy minimalist
My inspiration: Traveling and children’s imaginations

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