The Gallery

Artig Gallery is a curated online art gallery created in collaboration with Art producers and Art enthusiasts.
We pursue the goal of promoting emerging contemporary artists by offering a platform to represent themselves and mediate their artworks.

Our platform focuses on offering our collectors original auratic and affordable art, mainly by younger and emerging artists who are the future of the international art discourse.

We are excited to offer you a full range of art and design related topics:
Browse all artworks in our section SHOP ART, take a look at curators’ picks, capsule collections and art gifts in COLLECTIONS, click through our MAGAZINE to be up to date to art related themes and behind the scenes studio visits, and read about what our artists have to say in their own words in DISCOVER ARTISTS.

In order to maximize the support for young talent, we transfer the greatest possible margin of each sale to our emerging artists. They are provided with professional online communication and marketing support to optimize their web presence and a modern channel of distribution. Our artists remain independent and are provided direct contact to an ever-growing community of fellow artists and collectors.

We strive to provide only authentic, high quality works, and we personally select the artists represented on our website and only offer what we feel passionate about. We work hand in hand with art Universities and Institutions to discover and support talented artists and projects.

Artig Gallery was co-founded by Greta Schindler and Gemma Comabella.

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