photography sculptures Custom Made by Jimmy Millan


  • Jesús Àngel Prieto, Curator and Professor of Theory of Arts
    Barcelona, Spain

    Passionate about the decorative arts and an inclusive concept of art, in which its utility is discussed with the art market; Jesús Ángel Prieto, the director of the first and...

  • Paula Mariscal, Entrepreneur and expert in performing arts
    Valencia, Spain

    Paula Mariscal, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and in Theater Direction. Her background in the field of dramatic Arts led her to work with renowned names such as thea...

  • Ina Ciumakova, Curator
    Šilutė, Lithuania

    Russian born Ina Ciumakova grew up in Šilutė, Lithuania, where she obtained a bachelor’s in philosophy from Vilnius University, which was followed by a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at the KU Leuven Univ...

  • The art of Japanese paintings

    The work of the Japanese artist Mari Ito can be defined as an explosion of life that makes us feel in a permanent spring state. However, her work goes beyond aesthetics and harbors a deeper meaning. Mari's work is charac...

  • Food and Art by Lomo Bajo

    What happens when gastronomy and art come together? Food and Art happens! At Artig Gallery we are always pleased to explore the endless possibilities that art has to offer. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of participat...

  • Discover Masaya's mixed media art and paintings

    To see Masaya Eguchi working in his studio is to visit an artisan’s workshop, near Plaza España in Barcelona. He creates each piece with care and patience and handles his materials and tools in a majest...






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