• Introducing Anna Gabriella Herrera

    Anna Gabriella Herrera has been part of the Artig Gallery team for some time now and, not only is she a talented graphic designer and content creator, but she is also an artist at heart. We are happy to offer you a g...
  • Discover Marius Budu's art photography

    When did you start working with photography from an artistic perspective?

    In 1999 I started working with digital collage techniques using stock photography I found online. A couple of years later, in 2001 I b...

  • Mixed Media

    Have you ever been in a museum or art gallery, looking at an oil painting just to discover that in the technical description the work is classified as Mixed Media? An artwork that visually looks just like the oil painting next to it, can a...
  • Discover Salvador Santos paintings

    With relatively few year of artistic trajectory, Salvador Santos is a painter who has strongly positioned himself in the art and interior design market. His balanced compositions and impeccable use of colors make ...

  • At Artig Gallery we exhibit and sell artworks by emerging artists to collectors and those interested in art from around the world. But everyday people interested in purchasing art ask us: How do I choose an artwork? And how can I ensure a good invest...
  • From figurative to abstract

    Sometimes describing what we see when looking at a piece of art is not as easy as it seems. In this new series of blog posts, we at Artig Gallery want to demystify apparently complex terms of the artworld and explain some o...


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