The artist creates his impressive objects in a process of thought and improvisation.

Rafael’s sculptures are a balanced combination between smooth, elegant and organic forms as opposed to the weight of materials such as iron, marble and granite; elements capable of creating refined curves that interact with the environment around them to seduce the viewer.

Rafael Amorós: “For me my artworks are the book that I would like to write, the music I would like to compose and the dance I would like to dance.


Rafael Amoros Collection



Photography and digital Art

The remarkable photographer exhibits part of his collection “head first” at Artig Gallery. Dirk Brömmel photographs cargo ships, ferries, Venetian gondolas and boats in various shapes and sizes repeatedly from above, and reassembles the pictures digitally afterwards. His particular point of view, the developed technology, the digital processing of his images and the conceptualization of his collections makes Dirk’s artwork unique.

Dirk Brömmel: “Photographing means to me keeping hold of things while they are vanishing. I want to visualize the movement of time by showing what it takes away and changes.”


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